The Late-Night Post: Entry 9 – Fortune Telling

I met someone today.

The moment she laid her eyes on me, she asked my mom if I were her first child. Then she told my mom that I would graduate, go overseas and be rich.

Later, she asked me if I got a “star” on my palm. I showed my hand and had her confirm it herself. I have it. They say it is a mark of success. She told me matter-of-factly that I had a friend that I hate and I had someone I love.

It was creepy and exciting at the same time. I do not believe in fortune telling and anything supernatural but she hit it right at the bat.

I actually wanted to ask her if that person were the one for me. Hahaha but I am really looking forward to getting rich. For I know myself since I was an unsuspecting, innocent girl that I would be rich.

Great. Now I have to study harder!

Finished at 3:41 AM. GMT +08

The Late-Night Post: Entry 8 – Pet Therapy

I was still depressed and on the stage of forgetting and letting my anger fade last year.

I felt empty to cut it short.

But a blessing came to my life. I had a baby.

I named her Tomo-chan. She was a shih tzu.


A month-old Tomo

When she came, my heart was filled with happiness.

Therapy dogs truly cure sadness.

My sibs and I always played with her. We spoiled her. She even slept beside us. She welcomed us whenever we came home. She’s family.



I always looked forward to going home for the first time because I knew someone was waiting for me for the first time.


Going to the vet!

I was very happy and content with her by my side. We really loved her and she loved us back.


Four-month old Tomo

But one day, everything crumbled.

She had a shot for deworming. She became very weak. She never ate everything. We even force-fed her.

I became sad again. I became weak. I wanted to stay by her side however I had to go to school and live in the dormitory.

She was confined in a local vet.

I prayed that she would survive.

But unfortunately, she passed away. My baby passed away.

When the news came via text, I cried for days. I hardly eat anything. My dorm mates were trying to cheer me up. If only they would revive Tomo, my spirits would lift up.

I was still hoping that it was a prank. Still hoped that if it were true, I wished I stayed by her side until her final moments. I regretted not staying by her side.


A week after she passed away, I engrossed myself with our thesis.

But I never forgot her.

I still miss my baby.

Shorts: Entry 6 – Splurge

This is the first time I spent waaaay too much.

I rarely spend over a thousand. It only happens every Christmas.

But, God. I spent about four grand on Korean skin care products. I obsess myself on the routine I basically order online and had it shipped on my doorstep.

And I got my Pink Card from Etude House! Yay!

Nonetheless, I know it will be worth it.

Just like Kasahara Noi said to Sunako-chan, “Being beautiful requires hardwork.” I had to add, “and a lot of money.”

What I said in yesteryears, this is it! I am finally committing myself to it. We will see what drastic change it will give me in months.

I am doing this for my grad pic. Hahaha

Shorts: Entry 5 – Accident-Prone Me

Lately, my carelessness and clumsiness became worse.

Last week, I had abrasion on my knee because of a “vehicular” accident. No, I just scraped my knee due to overspeeding the bike I was manning.

I bumped my upper arm on the tent near our apartment that it almost toppled. Now I have this huge black-and-blue bruise as huge as America and I was often mistaken I fought with someone.

I bumped my knee (the one with abrasion) on the corner of our table.

I accidentally scratched it too.

I bumped my forehead when going down the stairs in our apartment.

And a scratch on my middle finger God knows how.

All of which happened within a week.

What a wreck.

Shorts: Entry 4 – Photoshoots

I am very fond of posing a la Vogue. Hahaha


Yes, I did this. Hahaha


And this!


Like Candice!

I want to have a photographer as a friend.

Now, I want to recreate Hollywood classic movie posters like Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Yes, like this one!

or shoujo manga (graphic novels for girls) like Kimi ni Todoke‘s First Volume.


Now, I need a boyfriend to recreate this!

But, first, like I said previously, I need a photographer friend who will put up with my whims.