Potpourri: 10 Facts about ME

1. The person I am crazy about most is Ed Sheeran.
– Like I fangirl in front of the telly if Ed is shown and “cried” when I didn’t attend his concert. So on his next local concert, I’d buy the VIP Pass because I am rich by that time.

2. I just learned to whistle and snap recently.
– At 20 years old. Yep.

3. I never finished any crossword puzzle.
– Though I am a huge puzzle geek.

4. I never “stalked” any of my (past and present) crushes’ wall on facebook or on any social networking sites because I lose heart to whatever I may see and get embarrassed.

5. My favorite clothing lines are Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo, Pull and Bear, Candies but none of these are in my closet except Candies.
– Because damn, their clothes are kawaii.

6. My favorite scent is A Touch of Pink by Lacoste and J. Lo’s.
– Or I just love pink.

7. My favorite espresso is macchiato. Mocha is second place. Kapeng barako is third. No sugar.

8. I wanted to receive a cactus in a pot instead of flowers. Or flowers in a pot.
– Because cacti live longer.

9. My fashion icon is Wang Ji Won.
– My girl crush, btw.

10. I want to be a brain surgeon.
– But I was discouraged by a friend. So it will just be a hobby. No, I’ll just read about neurology.

A Reviewee’s Diary: Entry 1 – First Mega-Evaluation Exam

Last Wednesday, we had our first ever evaluation exam that comprised of algebra and trigonometry.

Before that, we had a make-up class in vectors from 12-2 with my favorite instructor, Sir Julius. I sure had fun. Then break for 30 minutes. From 2:30-6:30 was engineering economy. Sabaw.

It exhausted our brains.

We ate for 30 minutes then 6:30 PM marked our eval exam.

I knew myself that I was not well-equipped.

The first thing I thought after seeing the test papers was, “Oh, my God,” in the tune of Blank Space.

Thirty minutes had passed I only answered 10 items out of 50. God, it was hard!

Overall, I answered half of it and when the proctor announced to pass the papers, SHOTGUN! I shaded the answer sheet mindlessly.

Then my friend and I laughed because we felt the same and regretted not reviewing well. I was so lax. Too lazy to reach my goal.

I reviewed the module that was given to us. I did not finish trigonometry. I did not even reach the angle-of-elevation part.

The good thing was it inspired us to study NOW and have fun LATER.

Mood Swing

WARNING! The following texts are some random deep shit observations of a lady during that time of the month.

Read at your own risk.

Understanding is apperciated.

Fuck this. Fuck that.

Why in the world do these scums get mad at those who do not give them alms?

Why the fuck do that young beggar bring her deformed baby asking for alms in the jeep?! Handicapped do their best at work so why can’t people like her work? She is much fortunate to have her body complete.

Damn that guy. I freaking hate him. I sat next to him to join our friends’ conversation but he turned his back. He created a fucking wall. I could not hear nor see my friends’ faces anymore. Damn that clueless, dumb, sluggish, old fart. I hate you! I felt like I had no freaking friends. Thanks for making me feel like a wallflower, fart head. Just a little more, I’ll snap and have your balls ripped. And then what? When we met in rest room, you opened up a conversation like you did nothing wrong.

That guy made me search the whole bookstore for fillers. The second I handed them to him, he changed his mind like a little bratty princess and switched to bond papers I suggested some time ago and thought it was his great idea. So I snapped and told him, “Nakakabwisit ka,” for the first time. That retard.

God, why always me? He never gave credits to my extensive efforts. Nor listened. Hmph.

A little more, I’ll snap.

Shorts: Entry 9 – Holding Hands

Whenever we walk side by side, our arms swinging, our hands slightly touch each other.

It was always like that.

I wanted to think that you want to hold my hand but you feel embarrassed so you just do that. “Accidentally” touching my hand whenever we walked.

Guess what? I am frigging willing!

Sometimes I just want to grab your hand and say, “Just take my freaking hand, you noob!”

But most of the time, I feel really conscious when we walk together and control my hand. It is just on you. I see you control yours, too. Or is it just me?

God, I am embarrassed!

So sometimes, I walk fast and go in front of you so I won’t “grab your hand.”

How sly of you.

You are sooo sly.


I wanted to be the top one.

This is the first time in my whole life that I wanted to be the first.

I am tired of being second.

During the orientation in Megareview. I realized that those with latin honors in prime universities in the nation are those who land in top ten or just passed, but never the top one. Those who failed and repeated a lot of subjects, be it minor or major, those who are normal, are those who are awarded unexpectedly the topnotchers.

Or at least in the case of Megareview.

It ignited me with the fire of wanting to be on the top. Not just the top but to be number one.

The topnotchers’ stories, if summarized, are the same. The bottomline is you have to work ten times as hard as when you are still a lazy ass student. Be responsible for your health as it is vital to absorbing all the learnings the instructors feed you.

After all, it is just for six months.

It will be the most crucial part of every board taker’s life.

It will be the ticket to the corporate world. Transcript of Records will just be another piece of paper when you are the topnotcher. All your failing grades there will be overlooked.

Then again, as the site engineer in our OJT said, what matters is your performance at work.

However, I want to be topnotcher because I want to tell everyone (professors, parents and “regular” students) who looks down on irregular students like me that we can make it. I want to be a legend like Engr. Francis and Engr. Albert. Not bragging rights though.