First Days of Being a GJCian

It was my fourth time to set foot in General de Jesus College (the first time was when I registered for the entrance exams, second was when I took the entrance exams, third was when I attended the orientation day). At first, I thought I wouldn’t have friends there because I felt I was in the outer space, and my classmates were the aliens ready to attack me anytime(or I was the alien!). Sure, I had a hard time making friends.
At the first day, Joy, our neighbor, accompanied me (since she’s going to study there). When we arrived in our room (109), we separated, because we were late and there were few seats left. I examined the room; the room was divided into 2, the boys’ and the girls’ side. The boys were on the left side and the girls were on the right side. A guy (?) was sitting on our side. Then a girl came by and there were no seats left in the girls’ side. So our teacher asked the guy (?) sitting on the girls’ side to sit on the guys’ side, so the poor girl can sit on his (?) place. The guy (?) reluctantly sat on the guys’ side.
During the first or second week, we have a seating arrangement. I was late that time. I realized, the class was arranged. So I asked my teacher where I should sit. She placed me at the back (it was arranged alphabetically and alternately). Later, the girl who was late the last time sat beside me as the teacher said. We’re both silent. I talked to her first. Then we became friends at that very moment. The girl graduated at somewhere-in-Gapan elementary school and I graduated at Pateros Elementary school. While we were chatting, our wee guy seatmate interrupted saying,”uy, close na sila!” then we became silent again. Darn that petite guy.
Anyway, the girl’s name is Kate.


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