How to Spot a Friend for Keeps

Note: This post is originally sent by Kate to me. Yes, she wrote this for me. Now, I want to share this to you. I know you can relate to this!

– She doesn’t get mad if you accidentally ruin something you borrowed from her.
– She doesn’t feel ashamed to applaud ahead of others for support during your performances.
– She lets you consume the last piece of the food you share.
– She helps you pester other classmates for a piece of paper when you don’t have any during quizzes.
– She lends you money when you’re really broke.
– She never forgets important occasions in your life especially your birthday.
– She lets you enter her room and lends you even her intimate stuff.
– She walks you home if you’re sick even though it’s dangerous.
– She can fart in your face without feeling ashamed; if you fart she doesn’t cover her nose.
– She cleans up your barf during intoxicated moments.
– She helps you clean up your stained skirt when in a public place.
– She makes it a point to extend to you her condolences.
– She helps at linking you with your crush.
– She covers you up when you really need it.
– She can drink from your straw, vice versa.
– She always gives you the benefit of the doubt.
– She feeds your fancy.
– She waits for you when you go to the restroom.
– She never puts you in spot.
– She never laughs at your expense.
– She looks fiercely at someone rude who just made you cry.
– She pats you for your comfort when you’re down no matter how awkward it is for you.
– She doesn’t feel ashamed of you even if you’re looking weird while malling together.
– She’s gentle with words even if what she’s telling you is hurtful.
– She is dear to your dog no matter how askal it is, or at least she to.
– She never leaves you groupless during group formations in class.
– She fans hard enough for the two of you when the weather is terribly hot and humid.
– She trusts you enough to let you know her not-so-good secrets.


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