Otakuzine Anime Magazine… I never knew something like that existed in the Philippines until my Manga and Anime Partner (MAP), Leslee, showed me, during our second year days, an anime magazine and on the cover was Haruhi Suzumiya. If you’re an otaku like me and buys Ozine, then you know exactly what issue number i was talking about. Yes, it was Otakuzine Number 14.

She lent me it since we were best friends. I read it overnight. I discovered Ouran High and Haruhi Suzumiya. But I haven’t watched Haruhi. Ever since MAP-chan lent it to me, it became one of my addictions. I bought every issue I saw at National Bookstore, Walter Mart Gapan. Although i didn’t discover it earlier, I was happy I did. Thanks to MAP-chan! Daisuki dayo, MAP!

But, there’s a big but! Yes, it gave me pleasure whenever I read it. I’m not a liar. Some of the issues, well, have typo errors or sometimes, wrong information regarding, say, the character. Sometimes also, it repeats the same article or content like what happened on issue 44. It reiterated the same content from the previous issue. I expected it to contain info about my favorite anime Jigoku Shoujo. Too bad it was replaced by the same article from its predecessor. *sighs*

But thanks to Otakuzine, I was able to greet my dearest friends. Thanks to their Aisatsu Corner section. My names, our names, was published 2 times, I guess. But my name was published 4 times, thanks to Lyndon-niisan who greeted me (issue 39, I think).

I submitted drawings of mine there last month, I suppose. I’m looking forward to seeing my work published just like Nii-san and Manong.


2 thoughts on “otakuzine

  1. yung ozine44 ng classmate ko hellgirl talaga yung andun!!!hehe..asteeg=DD…oks lng yn.yung ozine32 ko nga wasak yung first&last few pages eeh.mali ang pgkka-staple…=DDD

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