Author’s Note:
This prose is written by Chi Chi, a dear friend of mine. She’s a poet and short story writer. No doubt, one of my favorite poets and authors! She dedicated this to me… Hope you like it the same way I do.

To cye. 🙂

and to all others who love the rain! :p

I’ve always loved the rain. Its heavy pours somehow bring myself into another world, a world full of reminiscence, long-kept memories and a thousand unforgettable experiences. It hauls me back to such days my mind never refuses to recall and my heart never ceases to recognize for sure.

He phoned me up and told me he wanted for us to have a chat. It’s been quite awhile since we had our last conversation, two weeks, I guessed.And the hell yeah.. I missed him.

“Same place and time,” he said before he hung up.We usually had our meeting place at the park nearby our home. What funny was, though our house was just a walking distance away, he still managed to come first before my arrival while his home was miles away from it. I sometimes thought he just missed me that much but at the end of the day.. I fell wrong.

I abruptly moved and prepared myself.Oh, did I just say ABRUPTLY? It took me almost an hour to get myself ready and I just had ten more minutes to travel my way to the park. Quite an improvement, huh. Looked like for the first time, I would be the one to come first! And so there, I walked my way to the park for a couple of minutes and as what I expected, he’s the one to come late.

I was hanging around for about fifteen minutes waiting for his entrance. Then another fifteen minutes until it turned to hours. I still decided to stay and eagerly waited. I called him up every other second but no one answered on the other line. I felt my fat tears ran down my cheeks as I stood up and made my way out.

Right at that moment I realized that I did love him. I loved him too much that I always ended up like this.. always just waiting.

Instead of going back home, my feet roamed around the vicinity with my eyes still in tears. And did you know what I’ve been thankful for at that moment? It’s when it rained. Heavy downpour filled the place around and covered every sign of pain on me..my tears.

It was still raining as I heard my phone ringing. It was him. I tried to keep my voice strong as I reached for it and answered.

But there are just things we can’t simply conceal right away.

“So is this what you called SAME TIME? You stood me up! I’ve waited there for hours and you never did bother to call? Don’t you know how worried I am to you?I’m getting sick of this!You’re too selfish!” My chest was almost bursting with so much emotion that I almost forgot to take his voice in. “So now, aren’t you happy enough?”

Then he put the phone down. A sudden cut at my heart hit me. I looked up into the sky and stared at the falling rain. How I wished it could easily wash away the pain. All the pain.

Another beep diverted my attention. A text message from him, saying..

“There’s this fragile little girl who caught my attention years years back. One tease and she would start running off crying out loud. But I’ll always love this side of her. The one I’ve grown with and will never get tired spending my time with. I felt so sorry for letting her waiting almost in vain. I never meant to offend her because if there’s one last thing I’ll ever do, that is to hurt her. I remember the very first time we had a little quarrel, I came up to her and gave her a lollipop. We were so young back then and ever since such day, that became some sort of sign of apology. And ever since then, I knew I love her.”

I rose my head up and turned towards his direction.With the other hand holding an umbrella, he hurriedly made his way at me. His eyes met mine as he said, “Sorry. I have trouble choosing the right one to suit your finger best.” Then he went down on his knees then put out the ring with its heart-shaped stone.”MY HEART.YOU HAVE TAKEN THIS A LONG TIME AGO, NOW THIS IS THE SIGN THAT I DON’T HAVE ANY PLANS TO TAKE IT BACK.IT’S ONLY FOR YOU. JUST FOR YOU.WILL YOU HAVE IT FOR KEEPS?”

With almost all my senses weakened, I just only nodded.He then stood up and put on the ring around my drenched finger. He’s right. It perfectly suited.

” And by the way, want some lollipop?” He said with a shy smile lingering on his lips.

“Of course.”

No doubt. That girl was me.


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