Wow, this is new. Cye, an unattractive person, writing an entry about being attractive? Ironic. Haha!

Well, *thinks of the plot she’d come up with but miserably forgotten* well… Forget the damn plot! I’ve forgotten it anyway, I say much. Proceed!

I won’t say I’m an attractive one, nonetheless, miserably, I AM… …to mosquitoes. Haha! Thus, I’ll just say what’s in my mind… Here goes nothing:

As I entered high school, I am not fully aware of the opposite sex. Hell yeah! I’m just a girl with no interests at all. Then, accidentally, I had. *jeez! I’m admitting it out-of-the-blue!* Then, I entered my junior year… Being with Sophie for almost everyday, the sole person who kinda “taught” me about “crushes”, got me thinking of her “crushes”, for she often asked me about if this guy named “X” was a good catch. Then I’ll answer with honesty. Hehe. Of course I said, he wasn’t! When she got a boyfriend, I call her boyfriend “PUGO”. It was adapted from Trixy. Hehe.

Senior year… Because of KP’s recommendation (reading Stallion Series: Angelo Exel Formosa), my mind’s kind of “contaminated”, aside from being with Sophie, Kat and Karlo, whom I dubbed as “Landuchis”. Then, it became my habit to “hunt” or “count” for “head-turners” as I put it… my guilty pleasure.. Haha!

Well, being attractive for me is not just a head-turner.
Oh well, good luck to me.
I still think if there really is someone had “accidentally” or “intentionally” had a crush on me. Haha! (DREAM ON, CYE! Haha!)

(An unplanned planned post by yours truly. Haha! Bear with it! You’re already at the end, it’s too late for you to quit!)


6 thoughts on “Attraction

    • wahaha! sa amin rin ano? lalo na sa former alma mater ko. hehe. kaya nga kawawa si sophie run eh. ung nagkaka-“kras” sa kanya eh tagarun.

    • naku, ipagpatuloy mo iyan! isa ako sa dakilang tagasubaybay mo, anjan pa sina phoebs, ayshen, kim, shanna, and many, many more!!

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