UAAP Season 73 (Aug. 5, 2010)

(This is originally my reaction paper for Physical Education as a requirement for preliminary grade. And since I forgot my supposed-to-be-draft, here I am, thinking of what happened on that day. Here it goes:)

As a student of Adamson University, I was lucky to watch University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 73 at Araneta Coliseum. And that’s my favorite part.

UAAP Season 73 Ticket

This ticket was kinda ruined by the careless officer in the gate!

As I, together with my classmates, set foot to Araneta Colishum (that’s how my prof in PE pronounces “Coliseum”), I saw only two colors, blue (AdU) and red (UE).

Well the first game was of AdU Soaring Falcons and UE Red Warriors; the second game was of ADMU Blue Eagles and UP Fighting Maroons, anyway.

As we entered the Coliseum, the roaring students overwhelmed me. Men, they’re cheering on the top of their lungs! Not to mention the earsplitting drumbeats of, of course, drummers of each team. Whoa! I felt like joining them.

We seated on the upper box-b near the thunderous beats of their drums. Yeah, it was deafening at first, but when you got used to it, it’s not blaring anymore. Trust me. 🙂

I noticed that both schools gave their all in cheering, for they were both answering each other’s cheers. Say, it was like a debate or Balagtasan. When my classmates started yelling, (yes, yelling, as in cheering or better yet, shouting) I started to yell on the top of my lungs.

Since I was kind of snob during my first months, (yes, I WAS, I’m inept to crowds or strangers. I think I’m demophobic.) I didn’t talk to them that much. But because of the overwhelming cheering crowds, I was at ease and yelled on the top of my lungs, liver and intestines until I ran out of voice! I rested for a while for the game wasn’t starting yet.

Then the game started. AdU scored 2-points first! Yay! Every time AdU scores or our player held the ball, I could’t help but yell, scream, and shout! Men, I never felt this ecstatic before for a basketball game, really.

AdU won, of course, with a score of — *I forgot, sorry. Hehe*

After the game, both schools sang their respective school hymns. I proudly sang Adamson Hymn, head held high!

After that was ADMU, my favorite, and UP’s turn. I noticed, since I was next to Atenistas, that most of them occupied the front seats which were prone to “accidents” like ball hitting an audience or two. Something like that.
Man, I could feel the difference between our statuses! If I were to be a scholar in Ateneo or La Salle, I’m sure, my life’s going to be like Boys over Flowers without F4 (though I hope there was). I’m in my threadbare backpack, they are in their Louie Vuitton bags. I eat my “baon” or budget meal worth the cheapest price in canteen or outside the campus, they eat French cuisine that I never heard of.
While I was in my PE uniform, the Atenistas were in their signature or branded “civilian” clothes. That’s reality, peep. I was out-of-place! So hierarchy exists?

With that thought, I turned to the UP’s side just in front of us “Atenistas”. Oh, they weren’t that supportive of their team. There were approximately less than one-fourth of the upper box-b “cheering” for their players. And of course, they were scattered, most were occupying upper box-b.

Then, before the first half ended, I went around the circular corridor. And then, I saw the Ateneo Souvenirs Stall. I saw T-shirts, caps, and other keepsakes for a high-price (for me). And I saw a key chain of it for only PhP60!!! Gosh! I wanted it badly! But then, I was in a state wherein I was outta cash! Unlucky me!

It’s already getting rush hour! The horror! The horror! Although it was already the horrifying rush hour, I boarded that stupid train… And as expected, I was sandwiched between workers and students. Poor me. 😦

But the best part was I got a souvenir!!! Haha! Aside form the ticket that was partly ruined by the officer, of course! (but I want the ADMU one!)


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