UAAP Season 73 (Sept. 4, 2010)

(Yet again, another reaction paper for midterm grades… Good thing we have this, or else I’m dead. Haha!)

On September 24, 2010, for the first time in my life, I traveled alone to Araneta Coliseum through jeepney and MRT. (I brought Konkon with me every time I watch there. Too bad I couldn’t have Kon-chan. :() When I set foot on Farmer’s Plaza (Cubao, Quezon City) and searching for the way to Araneta, I got lost. The mall served as a labyrinth to me. When I finally got out, I was relieved to see my classmates at the entrance of the Big Dome.

uaap ticket

Buti hindi na sinira ng admission guy. Haha!

Just like what we did the last time, we sat on at the upper box-b near the thunderous drum beats of the DLSU (Animo, La Salle!) since we sat near them.

The La Sallites really were rich! They rival the wealth of Atenistas! (Or they were much richer) They occupied three-fourths of the Patron Box (the front seats) and the upper box-a (to those who were out of tickets)! They scarcely seated on the upper box-b in contrast of the UE students and us.

We started the first game of University of the East Red Warriors and De La Salle University Green Archers. I cheered for La Salle for I feel like it. No reason at all. Hehe. But when my classmate explained to me why we should cheer for UE, I commenced to do it so, albeit we seated next to the Archers. Hehe. My classmetes felt like annoying the reserved Archers. They keep on shouting purposely, “UE!!! Galingan niyo!!!” or “Go UE!!!” La Sallites looked at us every time we did so. They didn’t cheered for them, maybe they were but silently. They were really reserved! Calm and reserved, just like what a true heir of a large company behaves. If La Sallites were to win, they would tie our standing, and we didn’t want that to happen. Fortunately, UE won.

This was what we’re waiting for, the second game, of course, of our beloved alma mater, Adamson University Soaring Falcons versus National University Bulldogs.

Every time our team scored, we cheered on the top of our lungs that strained my voice box! I barely sat on my seat as I watched painstakingly. I, together with my fellow Adamsonians, were so full of energy cheering for them. We were really nervous as the fourth quarter came. It was a close fight, so close that no one could predict who would win and who wouldn’t.

My heart thumped as the last seconds of the game approached hoping that our team scores. Unfortunately, Bulldogs scored three points as our team’s defense shattered.

National University Bulldogs won over Adamson University Soaring Falcons with a score of 62-59. We were all depressed and disappointed of the outcome of the game.

God was still with us for we are still enthroned to the third place of the Final Four (1st-FEU, 2nd-ADMU, 4th-DLSU). I do hope and pray for our team to win this season.


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