Being a Writer

It’s fun to be a writer, I’m telling you.

You are creating a world out of your imagination. Especially if you are a fiction-writer. It’s fun to be one.

You can be sadistic, and I am most of the time. I like torturing my characters. Haha! And it’s part of a success-story, right? The character has to go through a lot of hardships! You can fly, love, kill, grudge, imagine and go through walls! Your imagination is a mindset where you can do almost anything! It is where you can do such things! Writing is dashing off your imaginations and thoughts. It is through writing you can tell how shrewd a person is.

As a writer, I’m not just writing a story. I’m having a chat to the readers.
As a writer, I have to be the character I created to fully-express the character. (I think I’m not making sense at all!)

Through the literary works writers write, you can tell what kind of person they are.

That’s why I love writing. Hehe. (I’m still not making sense.)


2 thoughts on “Being a Writer

    • thanks! haha! kay tagal na nitong post na itey. haha!
      sige, abangan ko yun! hahaha! yung lahat! haha! demanding.

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