First semester ended, so did the month-long sembreak.
My dad finally decided to let me live in a dorm. Yes, DORM. Luckily, my friend, KP, agreed to share a room with me so it’d be convenient for us to study.

The boarding house’s hallways were about a meter and too crowded due to the shoe racks of the tenants. Our room was located on the third floor.

I was expecting the rooms were tidy and spacious enough for PhP4000. I, I mean, we were surprised to see the room. It was about 1.5mX1m. Our rest room was way larger than that one. It’s like we’re in a pigpen. The room has no windows with one ceiling fan and a double-deck bed. The bed I’m talking about was about 5″3′, the same height as mine.

During the night time, we need not turn on the lights for the rooms next to us are sort of giving us light as if in a tunnel. Another problem were the bathrooms. The bathroom on the 2nd floor was spacious yet lacked water supply when the other restrooms used water. The restrooms on the first floor, when the other is used, say, when you pour a bucket of water in the toilet, the other will react. The water poured will go to the other toilet! As in it will flow like a lava!!! It’s kind of creepy, but you can cope with it unless you’re squeamish.
Another was the odor. You could smell your neighbor’s fried anchovies when they fried it INSIDE their room! We had to endure it for hours. Remember that our room has no windows. The hallways smelled of stray cats.
The front door was not a problem. The problem was the tenants’ oblivion. The instant they forgot to lock the door, an infiltrator might invade our rooms and steal our belongings! It almost happened twice!!!
Oh, and speaking of infiltrators, I’d met them. They were Dodi and Roach. Dodi, the mice (yes, it is a collective name for me. All mice are Dodi. Whereas Roach is obviously all roaches.), invaded my FOOD SUPPLY!!! Roach is in the first floor, on the hallways and on the restrooms.
I think the good points living in a dorm were:
1. It is near my school.
2. The caretakers are kind.
3. (THE BEST) It is near SM City Manila!!!

If I were not in the mood to do anything in the room, I just went to SM Manila, particularly National Bookstore to read books. Hehe.


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