Hello… again

Woah! It has been more than two years since I’ve posted and updated this site. Hell yeah! Hahahaha!
You see, I was busy these past years. Busy with studies. (Really? Were you?) Yeah, you are right, I was not. Partly, yes. Hahaha! Part of the reason was that we disconnected our internet connection. We moved houses from Nueva Ecija to Manila. Now it is pretty hard to get along with my beloved high school friends. *sobs*

Well, since I couldn’t live without friends and don’t want them to drift away, I keep contact with them. There are facebook, twitter and their phone numbers but seeing them personally is a whole lot different. I mean a lot. Almost everyday, I call them up. Really. I think I am a call center agent by now and most likely I am about to memorize their numbers for I call them up using landline.

Some of my high school friends got boyfriends/girlfriends already. I still don’t have one. (I am not envious. Hahahaha! I am waiting for my love. Naks!) Most of the couples in high school split and found another in college. Some stopped studying and work instead. Some achieved awesome statuses in their schools. Some got more handsome or more beautiful, some don’t. Most of them had.. changed. Physically, mentally, socially. Most were improvements.

The people I’ve met in first year college have significantly changed. From first year, people did change mostly girls for girls think about appearance so much and sometimes I wonder if I were a girl. (chos! hahaha) I am now at my third year going fourth. When I was still in my fourth year high school, I thought of changing my physical appearance. Now nothing happens. I hate it. Hahaha. Really. Now, this summer I am inspired to makeover (more like overhaul) myself. You see, I don’t think I am improving physically. Now I am starting to be self-conscious. (Naks!) I want to bring back my long hair and my side bangs, color my hair red (but since it is prohibited in our school, I’d do it after grad), change my whole wardrobe, take care of my face from now on. My best friend in college, Vee, also said the same thing that I should change physically so to look nice.

I promise to wear something nice and don’t wear university or org shirts this sem given that I changed my whole wardrobe already. There. Hahaha!

But one thing I realized as I take this road, being beautiful invests lots of time, discipline and patience.

My deadline would be on the first day of classes for preparing for this huge change.
Hope this time it would happen.


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