Track Four

(The above is a title of one of The Cab’s songs.)

I love music. Who doesn’t? I even play some instruments. I wanna play piano and a drum set. It is my dream to have them in my living room.

But there are few bands, individuals or composers who made it to my heart.

1. Parokya ni Edgar

It started in first year college because I came to love their song “Pangarap Lang Kita” in a radio show. Back in elementary, I loved their song “Mang Jose” because it is fun to listen to and sing. Most of their songs are youth-oriented, much like Eraserheads. One day, I’d go to their gigs. Basta, I love them to the core!!! The number one band for me. I even had their compilation DVD! Parokya+ni+Edgar

2. The Cab

Introduced by a friend alongside with All Time Low an New Found Glory. I have The Cab them since I heard “Take My Hand” and their revival of “I Want to Break Free” by Queen. Among their albums, I love Symphony Soldier the most. It is a masterpiece.Image

3. Yeng Constantino

One of the two singers whose songs are close to my heart. I had loved her when I heard “Time In” back in high school. Her songs are right now what my mind and heart speak of. All her songs in her latest album, “Metamorphosis” that is.23752_465522673507840_958720718_n

4. All Time Low

Awesome. That is all I can say. What I wanted to do are sung by them. (“I Feel Like Dancing” “That Girl” “Somewhere in Neverland”) Wallpaper-All-Time-Low-all-time-low-6902062-986-720

5. New Found Glory

Cool. No questions. I am starting to enjoy them. Hehehe. Whatever I am not a good reviewer I know. New+Found+Glory

6. Six Part Invention

Six Part Invention!!! When I want to be sentimental and like to feel lonely (?) and in love, I listen to them. six_part_invention

7. Avril Lavigne

Hell yeah! The punk princess that everyone loves. I guess there are no arguments will arise if I say she is one of the best singers/songwriters in the world. AvrilLavignesongPics1MpJZDqkbgCxDqM

Yeah I have their whole discographies downloaded. Hehehe


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