Respiratory Health


I hadn’t taken it seriously these past few years. This year has been one of the worst conditions of my health. My respiratory health.

I guess it had been pretty obvious to others how much I coughed. Some even said I should be taking medicine or consult the doctor. I was stubborn. I never took any meds or consult a physician. I admit, one part was because I don’t want to spend any cash for my health. It has always been like that since God knows when.

However it became somewhat chronic.

Just this last March-April, my health had taken its toll. I always coughed — sometimes dry, most of the time with, ugh, phlegm. I mean the yellowish green ones. (Yeah I know it is icky.) I always had to go straight to the bathroom to throw up. Yes, I mean barfing. I always barf what’s inside my stomach. That was not good, I know. One thing real scary was I threw up my own blood!

One early morning, I coughed continuously. I hurriedly went to the bathroom to throw up. Worse? I couldn’t breathe! Literally. My throat was blocked. I literally was gasping for air. I panicked for the first time. It was like I was having asthma attacks like what Toni Gonzaga’s character in My Amnesia Girl. I thought I’d die.

Good thing my brother and Mom had woken up. Mom did the first aid and my brother to assist me. I was thankful for their presence.

I almost thought, I’d be admitted to the hospital. But I didn’t. Still never took any medicine. Yeah I was stubborn. But hey! I am better now. Not much coughs.

I do hope it won’t come back anymore.


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