Power Plans!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

This quote was always popping in my ways since a month ago. It was always there. I think it was telling me something. More of a calling.

So since April, I have started to change my ways. The way I dress, I think, I present myself to the world, I study, I <insert whatever convincing verb here>.

To support my changed ways, I started:

  • having a “Kikay” kit. It includes a talcum powder, BB Cream, 3 lipsticks of different shades of red, Cetaphil, a mirror and a cheek tint. I want to add more. -_-
  • Belle de Jour Campus Planner. I bought it this afternoon when I went to AdU for a visit. Hehehe





About the planner, I want to plan my fourth year life. (Yeah I know that one is redundant. Hahaha. My bad.) It is just that I always forget things easily. The only means of getting information about an assignment or a report is the day of submission. I never jot it down or listen to my professors about it. It has always been like that since my first year college. It was always a surprise to me.

The outcome? My paper works were mediocre, hence my grades sucked. I always say that I should do my best and be my best-est (redundant, I know.) for all my subjects whether it is a major or acting like a major subject. My human diary knows that. Hahaha. I killed him in the end. Jk.

I want to put every happening, event or gimmick in detail in my planner. Yeah, I do sound like an OC. I want my OC selfie back. With open arms. Especially that now I am an Academic Directress in Adamson University – Association of Civil Engineering Students. I should be responsible with my actions.

Now, I have set a rule for myself. I adapted the “One-day Ahead” rule from our organization.

I do hope in the future, I will be a more prolific and disciplined person. I want to be better.



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