Being a Writer Pt. 2

Read Being a Writer Pt. 1 here.

My past posts suck. Admit it, you think so yourself, too.

It is no excuse saying these but the entries I have in mind are getting too blurry. Words get in the way. I am starting to really think that my creativity is gone. And I am very disappointed in myself that I have let it go.

I have pride in my works or entries or whatever they are called. I never call myself a blogger but a writer. 🙂

My writing is now much different than my previous entries last 2010. No fun to read anymore. Not much detailed like before. No feelings.

No matter how much I love to express myself in writing, I couldn’t. I couldn’t put it into words.

First, writer’s block (for three years and counting! I couldn’t finish my novels. -_-). Now this!

This is much worse than a writer’s block. Expressing one’s self in words is essential in writing. As essential as oxygen in breathing.

Now I have to pull myself and take deep breaths. I have to cure my expressionlessness (as I coin it) before I get myself back in writing.

Wish me luck and lurk for better posts. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Being a Writer Pt. 2

  1. you just have to read a lot more, maybe! And siguro because your posts these days are catching-up-with-the-past posts, which is really quite difficult because you feel dffrnt from what youre writing about.,parang ganon.

  2. It’s hard to find experienced people in this particular subject, but you sound like you know
    what you’re talking about! Thanks

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