Accidental Encounters Pt. 1

Accidental encounters…

I was in grade school that time. The time when I was still a feminist and doesn’t like interaction between boys and when alternating seats was a punishment.
We went to Megamall to buy stuffs. I was with my family that time. We were in the department store. I guess it was on sale that time so there are huge crowds.

Dad (or Mum) was dragging me when a guy about my age surprised me with, “Wah!” He, I as I remembered, was tall, cute and had cute Japanese eyes. He was hiding in the clothes and did that. His arms were open. Cute. Just imagine a person surprise you. That’s it. But a random boy surprise a feminist like that? I gave him a cold suspicious stare.

I was a freshman in college that time. I was still riding LRT to go home. (If you call that a home.) I was at EDSA station in a long queue inserting their LRT cards (again. Well, commuters in EDSA are highly concentrated. Hahaha) when a tall, fair-skinned, cute boy with Japanese-like eyes who was wearing a white shirt that time says sorry to a man like a, well, a Japanese or Korean. And he had that apologetic smile to die for. Kyaaa~ Hahaha I tried to follow him but he got away. Dang it! Hahaha I wish to see him again whoever he is and be my friend. Chos!

Too bad I never saw these two boys again.

Bad luck Cye.


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