Enrollment Situations

I am very much excited for the new semester. Well, there is the new me, new subjects to enjoy (yeah I do love learning). I am most thrilled about seeing my beloved friends. 🙂

About enrolment, this was probably my easiest. Within 10 minutes, you can finish enrolling provided that you paid the tuition prior the enrollment and you go to school early to avoid long queue for the printing of assessment form. This is the privilege you can get if you are in a block section or a regular student.

As for the irregular students, this was probably the hardest. My friends who are irregular students waited as the clock stroke at midnight on May 27th for the online enrollment or reservation of sections until June 5th. It is the survival of the fittest. The fastest finger wins the trophy. Many got frustrated as their picked sections got by another. Students with ID numbers from 2011-2012 got nervous when the system prioritized students whose numbers start earlier than them and the subjects began to be unavailable or close. Some who went on a vacation thinking they had reserved their sections already had their reservations deleted and opened and grabbed making them start from zero. On June 5, E-learning shut down for “repairs”. Their enrolled subjects got all deleted! Everyone panicked. Many voiced out their frustrations on social networking sites. Eventually, the site came back. Hehehe. Thanks, God.

A year and a half back, I myself was an irregular student. There was no such thing as online enrollment, only online reservation. You had to print this darn mock assessment form before enrolling. When the day of enrollment came, Vee, Tin, Cura, Adrianne and I went as early as 6:30AM to pay our tuition fees to avoid a very long line. Next we went to OZ 202 (which was a building away) for the advising of subjects which I think was very useless as it consumed our precious time especially when the adviser is gay that took us a long time when there were cute guys ahead of us. (Oops! Running sentences there. Hahaha)

Then we joined a long queue of students who encode their subjects personally. When I say long, I mean the queue extends from the end of the fourth floor which I thought never existed to the 2nd floor then enter three darn rooms and occupy the shit 40 seats (and it makes 120 seats thank you very much) to another building’s ground floor.

We suffered third world problems that day: heat, hunger, poverty, thirst, hunger, and overpopulation. Lunch break came but not a drink, not even a bite. It was getting hotter. We have to guard our post otherwise some dude might get it.

Finally we entered CL4, the room where we encoded our sections. But Adrianne and Tin got separated from us! Panic mode!!! We got our sections from Addi. The funny thing was Addi was our classmate just on one subject: Rizal. Hahaha! Adrianne promised to call us up so we could have the same schedules. We did it. But, hey! We were finally enrolled! Yahoo! It was 3:00PM when we finished. Eight and a half hours!!! We are dead hungry and so we we decided to eat at Chic-Boy at UN Avenue. I ate plenty and so were they! Hahahaha!


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