Decision Making

Making decisions.

Seems easy but no. Future be ruined by creating wrong ones. It must be taken seriously, as a girl who graduates from being a teen. (I don’t actually care about my age at all.) For (read my previous sentence).

I don’t look like it but I really am future-conscious. I made a big deal about deciding my course, in which I took very seriously, for you see, I want to make it big time. I have a lot of goals to pursue. However,  originally I wanted to be a doctor, a brain surgeon to be exact. I did not pursue it because, I love math and physics. So far, I have not regretted taking up Civil Engineering. It may be a shorter course than pursuing medicine but I think it really is my thing. I just got off last semester due to a common illness among students called “laziness”.

Academics aside, I made a huge decision this June. I have to do it, I think I should, so one will learn. I almost lost my self-respect and pride so to regain it one must learn. Yeah, from your point-of-view I guess it may be selfish. The hell? I wanted to be one for once. It just that I got tired of my old ways and I think one should make the rest of the action. It is a risk at the same time, 50:50 chance, I may lose the bet. I still believe one will get my message as to why the hell I am doing this. Ignorance and “erasing one’s existence” are the actions. Learning important stuffs and sincerity are the answers.

As I said in the previous paragraph, I may lose. All in one snap. I am acting like I don’t care and sometimes I feel like an idiot, looking for “it”. Always looking for “it”. Nothing change at all and it leads to disappointing results. I think I will be like this until one learns or I have given up the idea and move forward. Nonchalantly, I said my farewell in case all things get ruined by my actions.

And hell yeah, I have been vague for the past two paragraphs, I really am sorry.


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