Encouragement and Enthusiasm

Last summer, I was very motivated to study Mechanics of Deformable Bodies for real. I mean, I did not really learn anything last semester. I don’t even understand why for the second time I failed to cast my sponge-like power on the subject. Plus knowledge from it is required in taking up Theory of Structures this semester.

I started but I unfortunately failed. I had a solutions manual (which I call “suman”) and even borrowed complete notes. But to borrow the notes, I have to exchange my suman. T.T
Desperation calls for desperate measures. I exchanged the suman for the notes. I planned to pattern my learning to that notes. I had no choice and no one else to borrow notes from. I had it for a week. Darn deadline! While the suman was borrowed the whole summer! I actually lost motivation to study it again and didn’t finish copying notes. Partly irritated to.my lack of motivation.

This semester, again, I am fired up to make it big time in all my subjects and study like a robot. I want the academic scholarship even just 50% off the tuiton. It approxomately is worth PhP 20000. I want to invest it in my bank account. I don’t want to ask for my parent’s money. I want to earn money myself.
so when I buy something they won’t question it.
Another good things about being a scholar are having good grades and force you to study more than normal.

Studying for me is never a chore. I really have fun learning so it is actually playtime for me. Except last semester where I force myself to study what I don’t understand even a bit of it.

Again, my motivation is starting to wear off its power. Our professor in 4 major subjects is no good. He used to be our prof in our frosh days in CE Orientation. (Yes, he is only one. The same for those four MAJOR subjects) It is like when I see him, I like to ditch my class and just study myself in the library.

My enthusiasm went back when I met again the zealous speaker in a seminar I attended last semester at AdU. Good news is he is going to teach at AdU and we can attend his lectures for free! I learned a lot from him again from that meeting. I was awestruck and inspired. He reminded me why I wanted to be a civil engineer. The sad part is he cannot be our professor this sem.

Our professor at Construction Materials Engineering told us students must train themselves to study alone. We should not just rely on what the professor feeds us. We should also learn to fish. (Yeah I know this is a parable but hey! It really is, uh, essential. Yeah I dunno what the right word is. Forgive me.)

I think I get what he was trying to say. Say, for example, you play 4pics1word. You won’t get the thrill or it will not be fun if we downloaded the cheats or let someone answer it for us to advance on the next round. In that sense, you will eventually get tired and think why in the world you wasted time in it. It feels great if you advanced in the next round without using the coins or the cheats.


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