Yup, you read it right, kid! Dating. It is so weird coming from me. You see, I am not a dating type. I am not visually appealing like most of the girls my age are. It is so rare to find a girl who haven’t tried dating or even be wooed by a boy. And viola, some of us exist! Hahahaha

I am still not into this thing since then. My high school friends are not into this thing either. Some of them got entangled in a relationship already. My circle of friends, DH, has not dated anyone yet. Ever. But they do get courted while I on the other side, don’t ask for it. Hahahaha

This time is different. College is different! My college best friend, Vee, always gets hit on. You know, she’s beautiful and friendly and very appealing to men. Many men wooed her as in lots and some even ask for my consultation. Funny, isn’t it? I WON’T HAND HER OVER TO YOU, BASTARDS!!! I want to tell those freaks. Hahahaha! Now, she is in love with her overly loving boyfriend, Reil. He is sometimes such a nuisance to me. He is the only guy who doesn’t try to impress me. He always gets on my nerves a lot for boasting me how sweet they are. Vee always apologizes for his innate behavior. Reil is such a sweet guy to me actually. During my most catastrophic moments, he pays for our videoke rent at Karaoke Hub. He never goes bankrupt, though. I finally felt at ease on handing my best friend to someone. Coz, you know, I have seen her in pain and I don’t want to waste her tears on someone who isn’t worth it.

Then there is my very close friend, Camz. She is lovely and cool with a little bit of sadism added. She is always invited to parties and often asked by guys on a date. Yes, an extrovert. She is always encouraging me to go on a date but not as much as Reil wanted me to so to leave him and Vee alone. -_- Bastard. She told me the perks of dating rather than getting entangled in a relationship. It sounds promising! It made me actually go on dates! Really. I will do it next year though. Hahaha. My problem however is I don’t know any decent guys outside our university. There are high school friends but I don’t want to date anyone of them. Ever.

These two girls are in my inner social circle. (Yes, there is outside circle.) We’ve been together since first day of classes during frosh days. And I love them so much. This year, somehow, I felt somewhat envious of them. I can see both of them truly happy with their relationships. They are always on dates and leave me alone. I do understand it. Not all the time I could hang out with them. Well it is just not that. I mean, their stories want me to experience to be loved, to go on dates, to be in a relationship, and to find true love (fairy tale? Anyone?). Well yeah, I do get envious! Hahaha.

However, first things first. I want to finish my studies and be an awesome professional. After all, true love is worth the wait. 😉



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