Cream Puffs: A Random Post

Monday afternoon as we, Block 401, wait for our Environmental Engineering outside the Chemical Engineering Lecture Room under the heat of the sun, I ask Homer John to place my stuff in my bag. Then he excavated something in my bag. Not in a million years, I expect that there was something like that in my bag…

(Hahaha I like openings like this. This sounds like a thriller fiction. And now back to the usual style…)

Cream Puffs. Homer John together with Erron, Kirby and Chezki discovered it hidden in my front parchment of my pink Hawk Bag. It was not just cream puffs! It is Monde Cream Puffs! The one I guiltily love so much!

I remember the days when I allot money for a box of cream puffs and eat it pleasurably in my room and still want more.

Who in the world put cream puffs in my bag?

I thought first of the person who hoarded my free pack of cream puffs at a mall back in summer. Maybe he finally gave my share of them. I actually had forgotten it completely. The idea was rejected for it was very out of character if he sneaked a pack of them in my bag. I hadn’t seen him in the morning and I pretty much think he was avoiding me. He had this huge financial debt on me. Hahaha

It won’t be Homer John nor Erron nor Kirby nor Chezki. If it came from them, they would just tell me they had cream puffs but would just give me a piece. Just a piece. And no they would not sneak cream puffs into my bag nor pretend they found it.

Not even from Reil nor Vee. They would just give it to me telling me they didn’t like it.

It would not come from a secret admirer, would it? Hahaha! I don’t even have one! But that would be awesome!

What if it was mistakenly stuffed in my bag? That must be it.

I examined the pack of cream puffs as I went home. The barcode was strikenthrough by a marker. The packaging had lots of creases. These findings indicate that it came from free taste booths which lead to a conclusion.


Le barcode

Well, anyway, whoever had intentionally or mistakenly stuff it in my bag made my day. 🙂 That person loves me. Hahaha! :3


The actual thing!!!


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