I love music as much as I want to play three instruments. However, they were very costly. The instrument and the lessons. I wanted to play the piano and compose music when I got to master it when I was about 3 or 4. Sadly, Mum said we couldn’t afford the instrument (I wanted the grand piano btw) not to mention the continuous lessons. My aunt’s house in Laguna had a Casio keyboard there. No one’s using it. Its owner, my grandmother, died. I asked many times for it to be mine and play it. I was turned down.

I linked that if I learned to play the lyre, I could play the piano. I found out my primary school offered lyre and drum lessons. Since I was eager to learn, I endlessly persisted that I study playing the lyre after my MTAP classes. (Stands for Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines, MTAP classes are electives every Saturday from 9-12 for those who wants to learn more about math. Usually offered in public schools.) I actually wanted to play drums too but I had to choose. We couldn’t afford both hence I chose the lyre. So when I was in grade 2, I was in a band. I lost my lyre. I quit when I was grade 6.

It was hard at first since I wasn’t attended to with about 30 for each tutor. I was not familiar with it. As a 7-year-old, being the youngest, it was very difficult. Then I got to practice everyday to perfect a song. 3 hours was not enough. There were no musical score sheets. Just play by the eyes. Follow your seatmate. I couldn’t follow. I felt like a moron. I always hit the wrong bars. I invented notes that was why I sometimes ruined the song. It was embarrassing hence I hit the bars lightly.

I practiced everyday like a madman. I played only what I remember, usually the first two lines of the chorus. It was horrendous. It was loud. Since it was like that. I never learned to read the score sheet fast. The very essential thing to play a piano.

I learned by ear, though.

So when Dad sent us a package full of toys, I was really envious that the toy I wanted most was for my youngest sister. It was a 32-key piano. I deceived her. She couldn’t read hence I wrote my name in its box. She plays awfully btw.

In that same piano, I got to play the songs I learned myself through listening to them. The most famous I mastered myself was Broken Vow by Lara Fabian and Do Re Mi from the Sound of Music. Oh for the love of pianos!

Next is violin. It was harder than I thought. Strings, strings, strings. You must also be in the right posture to play properly. I gave up easily. Hehehe

Drums. I am in love with drums. In a song, I don’t listen to its lyrics but in the instruments. The beating of the drums, the guitar, the bass, the keyboard. I will savour them. If it is good, I’ll listen to the lyrics.

The drums set its mood. Slow beats for serious songs while fast and loud for the upbeat ones. I got a passion of it somehow. I like playing drums in the arcades.

So when I got myself a home, I will have a music room. Must be soundproof. It has a karaoke machine, a grand piano and a drum set.

Of course, I would have my very own drums that I play at the arcade together with DJ Max and Initial D.

Since it is costly, it was going to be like in the arcades — PLEASE INSERT COIN(S).

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