Case study of three trusses

By the time I fully understand what in the world our professor in Structural Theory is saying, Imma do this gracefully.

Note of Studying Structural Engineering

In the book Creativity and Innovation, the author Bill Addis uses three trusses designed by the same engineer as examples of how the structural designs response to the load patterns and express the beauty of mechanics. Although these trusses have similar dimensions, they differ in the size of the wind load. Therefore, these three trusses use distinct forms and materials. It is interesting to use them as a case study of truss analysis.

All the three trusses were designed by the Price & Myers. The first truss is used in the dining hall of the Felsted School. The second one is the truss of the Clovelly Visitors’ Center. And the third one is the roof of the Blaenau Ffestiniog Sports Hall. Since I use these cases just for exercises, I assume that all of the three have the same truss span and truss spacing. As you can see in…

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