The Grammar Nazi

I am one.

I have the urge to correct people, especially English teachers/professors, if their grammar is erroneous no matter how unnoticeable it is. It is a kind of obsessive-compulsive disease called Grammar Pedantry Syndrome. Yes, I suffer from this. I spot errors very easy. Most of the time though, I just keep it in mind. Some people take it offensively. I also take notice of the pronunciation, spelling, diction and sometimes on the  proper use of punctuations and words.

I dunno how it started. I just know when I was a kid, as Mum recalled, I spoke English at home. It is unlikely in my kind of environment. No one in my family speaks English that often. I did not even grow up in the States nor UK. It is a huge mystery in the family.

On my junior year in high school, we had the most fearsome English teacher. Yes, fearsome, more like a terrorist. Many fear being his students. He tends to embarrass people when they speak English. He corrects them from pronunciation to grammar. Yes, another one who had grammar pedantry syndrome like me. I met my match that fateful year. I admit, I, too, was afraid to be his student!
On our first week, he taught us many things. He even implemented when we speak in our native tongue, he will subtract how many times one did it to his grades. Hence, we were forced to say anything in English. I won’t forget Sir Mel Garcia. My hugest gratitude goes to him. I am greatly indebted to him.
I quoted what he said to us that I wanted to hear, “Why would you be ashamed if you are correct?”
Agreed. People are stupid enough not to accept and do what is right. That is why we study — to improve ourselves and not make ourselves fools. So there, I realized it. I should be out of my shell and express myself. True enough, because of his words, he continues to build up my confidence.

I don’t quite get what is wrong with people. When I speak English or correct them, people will say I am so particular and annoying. They even deride my way of saying things and imitate me. Think of this, if they go to US or any English speaking countries, they’d be ridiculed because they speak “English carabao” as Filipinos put it. Then they get mad at them. Weird people.

At first, being a grammarian was a gift. I used to laugh at people’s errors. Yeah, it was wrong of me. Sorry. Later on, as they multiply, it is not funny anymore. It grinds my ears! Now I think of this sometimes as a curse.

Fellow Nazis feel the same way, I think. We may sound arrogant but we want them to be right so they will not be laughingstocks. I just want to say that maybe grammarians should say it in the nicest way so people will not think bad. I had bad experiences regarding to correcting someone. And I am telling you it isn’t pleasant. Hence I keep my mouth shut. Don’t blame me if you sound ridiculous. Hahaha

Should I get corrected, I am more than appreciative to accept it. I want to improve myself. I am open to all scrutinies. Everyone’s entitled to state his opinion anyway.

There are grammatical errors in this entry. Let’s see if you’ve spotted them ALL. 😀

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