Track Four Point Five

I am getting addicted to American rock bands! Well, it was obvious if you’d read my previous Track Four post. So on my new list enter:

1. Panic! At the Disco – I stumbled upon this Hopeless Records band on YouTube while viewing All Time Low’s music videos. No one recommended me this band though like ATL; advertising did. I tried watching their newest music video on YouTube entitled “This is Gospel”. It was bloody EPIC!!! The MV and the song itself are addicting! “Miss Jackson” followed. I couldn’t help listening and singing along with PATD! Downloading their songs followed, “Nine in the Afternoon”, “The Green Gentleman”, “Bittersweet”, etc.
Panic! At the Disco

2. A Rocket to the Moon – It started when my brother played Baby Blue Eyes on his phone. About a year after that I got addicted, thanks to Mr. Right. Too bad that when they disbanded that I got hooked on all their songs. I had their entire discography on my player. They went to the Philippines together with other rock bands (All Time Low included) for an indoor rockfest, Bazooka Rocks 2, last August 25 at SMX Convention, Mall of Asia. I couldn’t come. </3
I could almost afford the bloody ticket!!! I had no one to go with and enjoy the music. Another circumstance contradicted with me attending. We had 20-km walk survey for our Highway Engineering subject. I was in Laguna that time. </3
How could I miss it! ATL was there too!!! I was sulking the whole day.

3. Mayday Parade – Black Cat is my most favorite song of MP. I copied the entire discography. Due to our PC being down, I couldn't listen to them. But I downloaded some of their songs. I am starting to like them. Hehehe
Btw, MP's version of "Somebody that I Used to Know" with Vic Fuentes is better than the original!!!

(BTW, I really like this MV. Hehehe it really is a must-watch! XD)

4. The All-American Rejects – Happy Endings is my fave from them. I just came across them when I still had the Bazooka Rocks 2 (link) hangover in Twitter albeit I didn't come. I downloaded some of their songs.

5. Fall Out Boy – I actually like their Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles series that is why I like them. Some say ATL ripped them off! No, they did not!

Should you want to watch the whole series, watch it
Fall Out Boy

Long before American bands, I used to be addicted to Japanese rock bands/artists.

1. SCANDAL – four cool girls sporting uniforms. They are the epitome of Girl Power.
They've done OSTs of famous anime like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

2. UVERworld – I don't know about them much but I just like their songs from anime.

(OMG! Super love this song! <3)

3. Kiyoharu – his voice is one of the coolest ones I've heard! I discovered him through watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Perfect Girl Evolution, alternatively, The Wallflower) as he did the opening and the first ending of the anime, Slow and Carnation. He is the ultimate idol of the series' mangaka.

He looks goddamn good! <3 Too good for thirties!

He looks goddamn good! ❤
Too good for thirties!

(I love this song soooo much! Most of you would think that this PV is weird. Hehehe)

As for my Filipino new favorite band, Kamikazee hits it. My favorite, strangely enough, was Seksi Seksi. Sorry, I just can't help singing and listening to it. It is so catchy. Hahahaha

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