Year-end Highlights: 2013

It started bad. Here comes the depths of depression! Wooh!

I had an argument at the start of the year but didn’t clear up totally. However, I didn’t mind it from that day on for what was important was friendship anyway. Pride wasn’t important anyway.

My only grandparent died. I saw my mom devastated and how heartbreaking it was.

CE Night. IT WAS MY EFFING FIRST TIME!!! I never attended JS prom on high school. I was quite envious. Since it was on the day of my granny’s interment, we quite rushed things. I just had a random dress (not gown) borrowed from our landlady. I didn’t have time for make-up. I didn’t know how to apply make-up that time. The person waiting for me was quite mad. Ugh. I hid it from my friends I was still mourning so not to be a killjoy. I was actually happy but the death of my granny made me not-so-happy. It made me forget the nightmare I had. Thanks to my crazy friends.

2013 was my first ever Valentine’s. Though I had no date, I liked helping out my friends surprising their beloved. However, Vee was hurt that time.

I saw for the first time how wasted people could be thanks to intoxication.

On my 19th birthday, finally, Vee attended! Wooh! She gave me a black box I wanted ever since. At present, it is my Pandora’s Box. Sadly, Kate did not come again due to the effing convention for accountancy students. 😦

I thought I would fail Mechanics of Deformable Bodues. I was even prepared! I passed.

Fourth year. I became very close with Maye, my ECE friend. I had the most ineffective professors! I didn’t feel like studying anymore. I felt like I was a zombie.

I was hailed as Academic Directress of Adamson University – Association of Civil Engineering Students.

Vee and Reil became a couple.

I lost my most “important friends.” I was brain-dead. I untrusted many people.

Though I lost friends, true ones remained.

I have a new phone!

I learned make-up and earned self-esteem. I know little by little, I did. I am still on the process of killing the shy Cye. Gradually, I am revealing the true me.

Half of the remaining block students failed Structural Theory 1. Chezki’s scholarship was pulled out.

AdU-LEAD!!! The three-day team building Baguio experience for Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) in Adamson University. I had fuuuuun. I love Baguio.

Dad went home from Kuwait. From what I heard, he was forced to leave. It was unknown if he still had work. 😦

On Christmas day, we had a familial crisis. My whole family was crying. I must be strong for my siblings. On that night, what the future may be kept flashing. I realized I must have a job to support my studies — Dad’s work might be gone, also we were in huge debts. I will be effing rich one day!!!

We had a new desktop PC. I broke it together with my laptop. 😦

Food Adventurer’s Club-United was founded consisting of Homer, Kirby and me. :3

Maye and I became closer than ever! XD

Finally reunited with Karlo-kun after two years!

Kate’s 20th birthday at Gapan. Hehehe

Reneil-kun comes in Kate’s life.

On the last day of 2013, I was with my DH family. 🙂

2013 ended with a smile on my face. It gave me my ups and downs, with so many tears poured and wasted, yet at the end of the day, I learned valuable lessons.

Hence, 2014, BRING IT ON!


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