I love surprises. Good ones, of course. Who wants bad ones anyway?

I love to experience it so much that I plan surprises for my friends. Yes, yes, to give them a subtle clue. But, it was too subtle to notice! Man, I give them the most noticeable ones, I even tell them straight! How could they forget! Get a clue, man!

Not once. I was thrown a surprise party. Sadly. </3

I don't look like it but I am a sentimental person. I like letters over texts, that kind.

I hope my friends to conspire one another to throw me a surprise party. Something that would make me produce tears of joy. Really, I am so thoughtful that I give them gifts both on their birthdays and Christmas. I am kind of tired giving gifts and throwing a surprise party.

I was really lonely on my last birthday. Starbucks partners were nice to greet me happy birthday. I actually hated my friends that day and my birthday. Well, it couldn't be helped. Fvck holiday. Fvck midterms. I don't want anyone to post on my Facebook timeline on my birthday. I think they are fake because fucking Facebook reminded them.

My ideal surprise party?
Anything! Drat that. I want something creative. Something original.

Me being blindfolded or make me go in a labyrinth and in the end there is the surprise.
I actually love letters and notes so I am hoping to get a card full of messages from friends. Just good friends.
A cactus in a pot!!!
A reenactment of a debut!!!
(They are not creative. Hahaha)

In my whole 20 years, I haven't received a surprise on my birthday. Though in high school my good friends attempted to surprise me with a gift, I knew it right away and pretended to be surprised as to not ruin the moment. But I have lost all hope on my college friends. Drat. Yeah, I am pouting about it. Hahaha

It is 5:24 AM now and I haven’t slept. Hahaha maybe it is time to hit the sack!
Sorry for this random sulking post!


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