The Late-Night Post: Entry 3

One and a half year.

That is how long since we ceased to communicate with each other.

Four and a half years.

That is how long our friendship is.
It was supposed to be.

But guess what? It ended. After  three years.

We passedby each other like strangers. It is such a shame.

Well, eyebrows were raised and still are raising because we are graduating and I have no plans on talking to you. They call me an unforgiving bitch ever since that day.

I don’t care.

They don’t know the story, I told myself.

But I don’t blame them.

Because I am focused on studying and establishing a name for myself.

People around me say to me that I should forgive you and talk to you because we are leaving the university on such bad terms.

I call it bullshit. For they pester me and not letting me decide for myself, that’s why. I won’t be annoyed if they only tell it once or twice and listen to me why. But no. Every frigging time? God.

Once again, I have not found in me the sincerity of wanting you to go back in my life. Both of you are non-existent in my vast universe. I have not found the answer yet.

It is either I found the answer myself or you approach me. (I have given you the freaking chance! Why let it slip away?) I am free whenever. However, I am exhausted of waiting that I lost interest. Boohoo.

Well, I do hope that you are happy for what you sacrificed. You made your choice and I respect that. I decided to erase both of you in my life so you can be happy.

Thank you though. I will not die crumbling myself in the corner following him. It made me expand horizons. Most of all, I got new friends which is nice. Moreover, I am happy with who I am with.

This is not my farewell statement though.


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