The Late-Night Post: Entry 5 – Do Not Butt In

I am not lenient when it comes to rumors about me and anyone going out or I like a certain someone or whatnot. I had a very bad experience with rumors and teasing from friends.

I had a friend from the opposite sex back then; we were close, really close, and we were “often mistaken” as a couple. Our friends noticed our unusual closeness and started teasing us of being a couple. My friend did not like it. I did not either. We knew each other’s dark sides so it was a no-no for us. Really. He actually made plans on how we get away with rumors. He called it issue, like a showbiz thing. I call it teasing. To end the teasing, I simply did not mind it. The teasing subsided however returned and the teasing was 10 times more grinding to our ears. He was offended. I was offended by being him offended. He set up limits. I felt uncomfortable. We had an on-off friendship. I asked my friends to stop it because our friendship was being affected. They did not listen; instead, they teased us more like high school kids. Finally, I ended our shitty friendship. It was not healthy anymore. It ruined me.

Fast forward to two years, I was separated from the gang. I did not have any close friends in my new classes. Then there was also another one who was like me — separated from friends. We became close from then on.


History is starting to repeat itself. We are being teased. I ask everyone to stop that nonsense because what happened two years back might happen again. I am actually thankful to his mature and dense sides. (Or I guess he knows and pretends not to know and let me respond to the teasing. Cruel. Hahaha.) He is really cool and I respect him a lot.

My friends are starting to get overboard, they actually tease me when he’s near. I avoid it too much. He is my only friend there.

I do not want to lose an important friend anymore. So to my friends who might read this: Scratch your arse. DO NOT BUTT IN!


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