Booze to Celebrate, Booze for Camaraderie (Reconciliation Part 1.5)

I went to Reniel’s unit to retrieve my things after having a mini-reunion with Camille and Elaine.

He and Jeff welcomed me with, “Ano nangyari? Inom na yan! Pa-Mucho ka naman, Cye!” (Rough Translation: What happened? Let’s drink to that! Buy us Mucho, Cye!) Mucho refers to a liter bottle of Red Horse Beer. (Sing: Extra strong beer! Number one!)

I find myself laughing. Really, my mates. Part four of our drinking marathon. I gave in. I did not want to go home either. I bought a Mucho with Jeff sharing the payment with me.

Our pulutan, an appetizer taken with booze, were just Ding Dong and Vinegar Cracklings. No attempts of mixing the beer with anything. Just pure cold beer. How we wished our another drinking buddy, Neb, were there.

I shared what happened to them. Then they also shared their past relationships. Gee, I never laughed that heartily before. I love these guys. They made me feel a lot better. Now I understand why booze makes people forget problems and unresolved issues in a way.

Then before we became intoxicated, we did our reflection paper in the Immersion we participated that day. How odd was that. That I felt we were quite drunk. Hahaha. We helped each other finish each’s paper.

Bottoms up and we were done. Two Muchos down. Off to sleep.


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