Reconciliation Part 1

A year and a half.

It took me that time to reconcile with an old friend. That long.

We were great friends. We used to be. But one thing ruined it all.

These past months I did nothing but recover and renew the messed-up me. I asked my friends to stop telling me that I should forgive her. It was annoying and it would waste the me I was rebuilding. Yes, pride is part.

But I sincerely thank my friends who helped and respected my decisions. Their endless supports make my heart fill up with gratitude and warmth. I love my friends and my mentor who I am dedicating my latest book to. Also, their understanding made me think it is time. Especially Vee. I dunno. She just did.

She, my old friend, actually approached the unsuspecting me, who was busy with my plates in Steel Design, first. Her reflexes did. She told me that she was surprised when she greeted me hello and apologized for what she all did before.

It baffled me. Thanks to that, it made me realize how much I missed her. The clock was ticking. The time for us to confront each other came nearer. I actually said that one day after all were done, we would talk.

Then it came one fateful day. Thanks to oreo cookies she gave me that day.

I mustered up the courage to speak to her. I invited her out. She agreed. It excited me. A lot.

I was very confused. I did not know what to say or how to spark a conversation. Should I switch to my leader mode? Strict assistant mode? Normal mode? Friendly mode?

Thank God Elaine was there. She eased up the tension inside me. We started like we used to. It was nostalgic.

We mostly talked about what we missed these past months. Gee, it felt like we did not have conflicts before.

She was surprised that I had drinking marathon with my mates for three days! Hahaha beat that!

Suddenly, her mom called. She needed to go home. We looked forward to part two. I asked for her number and kept communicating each other.

It is nice to have your old friend back. 🙂

I think it is a nice graduation gift for her.


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