The Late-Night Post: Entry 7 – Boyfriend

I want a boyfriend!!!

Everyone’s getting entangled in a relationship among my peers. How about me? Just here always having me time. (Yeah, that is the euphemism of forever alone.)

I rarely come to family reunions. They always ask me if I have a boyfriend already and remind me how old I am and how each of my younger cousins has boyfriend/girlfriend.

No matter how sharp-tongued I am or how vast my “imagination” and “knowledge” on NSFW stuffs are, I do not do those stuffs. Internet has ruined my innocence. Hahaha

I am really not pressured on these. It is just lately I think I am missing on a lot of things a young adult or late pubescent lasses are experiencing.

When I go outside and I see an unattractive person hold hands and is happy, they remind me how little my existence is. A little voice in my head tells me, “They have boyfriends, how about you?”

To counterattack it, I tell myself, “I am single by choice. The right one will come and the wait is worth it.”

Still I am envious of them, because man, I want to experience going to a date before I graduate! Hahaha. Of course, with the one I like so it’d be memorable.

I have to love myself first before loving others. That is the lesson I learned way back.

Nonetheless, I want to be in a relationship when I am ready. I mean when I graduated, passed the board exams, and have a stable job, because I want a serious relationship, that would last a lifetime. No matter how cheesy and romantic I think, I simply want that boyfriend to be my husband and love me forever. There is forever! Hahaha


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