Mood Swing

WARNING! The following texts are some random deep shit observations of a lady during that time of the month.

Read at your own risk.

Understanding is apperciated.

Fuck this. Fuck that.

Why in the world do these scums get mad at those who do not give them alms?

Why the fuck do that young beggar bring her deformed baby asking for alms in the jeep?! Handicapped do their best at work so why can’t people like her work? She is much fortunate to have her body complete.

Damn that guy. I freaking hate him. I sat next to him to join our friends’ conversation but he turned his back. He created a fucking wall. I could not hear nor see my friends’ faces anymore. Damn that clueless, dumb, sluggish, old fart. I hate you! I felt like I had no freaking friends. Thanks for making me feel like a wallflower, fart head. Just a little more, I’ll snap and have your balls ripped. And then what? When we met in rest room, you opened up a conversation like you did nothing wrong.

That guy made me search the whole bookstore for fillers. The second I handed them to him, he changed his mind like a little bratty princess and switched to bond papers I suggested some time ago and thought it was his great idea. So I snapped and told him, “Nakakabwisit ka,” for the first time. That retard.

God, why always me? He never gave credits to my extensive efforts. Nor listened. Hmph.

A little more, I’ll snap.


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