I wanted to be the top one.

This is the first time in my whole life that I wanted to be the first.

I am tired of being second.

During the orientation in Megareview. I realized that those with latin honors in prime universities in the nation are those who land in top ten or just passed, but never the top one. Those who failed and repeated a lot of subjects, be it minor or major, those who are normal, are those who are awarded unexpectedly the topnotchers.

Or at least in the case of Megareview.

It ignited me with the fire of wanting to be on the top. Not just the top but to be number one.

The topnotchers’ stories, if summarized, are the same. The bottomline is you have to work ten times as hard as when you are still a lazy ass student. Be responsible for your health as it is vital to absorbing all the learnings the instructors feed you.

After all, it is just for six months.

It will be the most crucial part of every board taker’s life.

It will be the ticket to the corporate world. Transcript of Records will just be another piece of paper when you are the topnotcher. All your failing grades there will be overlooked.

Then again, as the site engineer in our OJT said, what matters is your performance at work.

However, I want to be topnotcher because I want to tell everyone (professors, parents and “regular” students) who looks down on irregular students like me that we can make it. I want to be a legend like Engr. Francis and Engr. Albert. Not bragging rights though.


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