A Reviewee’s Diary: Entry 1 – First Mega-Evaluation Exam

Last Wednesday, we had our first ever evaluation exam that comprised of algebra and trigonometry.

Before that, we had a make-up class in vectors from 12-2 with my favorite instructor, Sir Julius. I sure had fun. Then break for 30 minutes. From 2:30-6:30 was engineering economy. Sabaw.

It exhausted our brains.

We ate for 30 minutes then 6:30 PM marked our eval exam.

I knew myself that I was not well-equipped.

The first thing I thought after seeing the test papers was, “Oh, my God,” in the tune of Blank Space.

Thirty minutes had passed I only answered 10 items out of 50. God, it was hard!

Overall, I answered half of it and when the proctor announced to pass the papers, SHOTGUN! I shaded the answer sheet mindlessly.

Then my friend and I laughed because we felt the same and regretted not reviewing well. I was so lax. Too lazy to reach my goal.

I reviewed the module that was given to us. I did not finish trigonometry. I did not even reach the angle-of-elevation part.

The good thing was it inspired us to study NOW and have fun LATER.


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