Potpourri: 10 Facts about ME

1. The person I am crazy about most is Ed Sheeran.
– Like I fangirl in front of the telly if Ed is shown and “cried” when I didn’t attend his concert. So on his next local concert, I’d buy the VIP Pass because I am rich by that time.

2. I just learned to whistle and snap recently.
– At 20 years old. Yep.

3. I never finished any crossword puzzle.
– Though I am a huge puzzle geek.

4. I never “stalked” any of my (past and present) crushes’ wall on facebook or on any social networking sites because I lose heart to whatever I may see and get embarrassed.

5. My favorite clothing lines are Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo, Pull and Bear, Candies but none of these are in my closet except Candies.
– Because damn, their clothes are kawaii.

6. My favorite scent is A Touch of Pink by Lacoste and J. Lo’s.
– Or I just love pink.

7. My favorite espresso is macchiato. Mocha is second place. Kapeng barako is third. No sugar.

8. I wanted to receive a cactus in a pot instead of flowers. Or flowers in a pot.
– Because cacti live longer.

9. My fashion icon is Wang Ji Won.
– My girl crush, btw.

10. I want to be a brain surgeon.
– But I was discouraged by a friend. So it will just be a hobby. No, I’ll just read about neurology.


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