A Reviewee’s Diary: Entry 2 – Everyone’s Top Spot

On my previous post, I declared I’d work as twice as hard.

Judging by my evaluation exams, it seems that I have to work three times as hard.

I am aiming to be a topnotcher so it is logical if I thought getting a passing mark on an evaluation exam is a boo-boo.

I know I am the least candidate in every reviewee’s mind to be their top one. I will never be. I never heard from any of them that they want me to be it. I have to show them a “commoner” like me can so it will engrave on their minds that they can too. With a huge effort and dedication, they can. We can.

The top spot is not just for those who earned latin honors and quizzers only. It is for anyone who is dedicated, ready to sacrifice most of his waking time studying and learning from everyone.

I know the road is a very tough one. But, hey, I am enjoying the journey anyway. Less than a hundred days to go and we will be engineers. A hundred days’re nothing if it were worth the sacrifice.

I study all my might because I do not want regrets anymore. I hope and believe it will be the same for everyone.


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