The Culprit: College Version

Every semester since third year college, we have to submit softbound laboratory and field experiments of our major subjects as requirement. Along with the compilation of endless experiments, in which some I never learnt from, come the usual you’ll see often in books, acknowledgment, table of contents, preface. Those are all recycled or copied from our “source” (which happened to be our diligent classmate). Last semester (4th year, 1st sem), our professor had required us to include the infamous About the Author! I actually had fun making it so I posted it here. Well, of course, I deleted the “crucial” part:

*Introduction: Name, discipline, college. More like a mini curriculum vitae.*

She has a wide interest of several things mostly unfathomable such as anime, manga, Japan, Victorean Era, London, puzzles, English novels, punk rock music, Sherlock Holmes, movies, travelling, and extreme activities. Aside from being an aspiring civil engineer, she wants to be a brain surgeon (before settling to taking up civil engineering) but due to financial circumstances, she ended up with the current program. She is also a writer of many things, mostly, slice-of-life genre, and has penned novels and stories yet to be published and finished. She has a huge collection of English and Filipino novels (mostly Bob Ong’s) and DVDs bought from Quiapo.
Her talents include writing, drawing, solving puzzles, learning music by ear, imagining things unimaginable, flying to Neverland, and slaughtering anyone mentally and verbally. She has a kind of obsessive-compulsive disease called Grammar Pedantry Syndrome which kind of grinds anyone’s ears. Hence she keep it by herself and let the idiot realize it himself. Jk. She also aspires to be a drummer in a band or a pianist, preferably, classical.
She enjoys experimenting with variables and hates people and parties. She enjoys having anime, manga or Koreanovela marathons and in fact she can pass the week without doing anything save that. She frequents in Quiapo to buy DVD and enjoys the thrill of witnessing raids in action. She owns a blog no normal person has ever heard of. She is an alien.
She lives three jeepney rides and a walking distance away from Adamson University or one LRT, one MRT, and a jeepney ride away, depending on what route one would take.


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