The Culprit

What a waste of time. Haha! Don’t bother reading this. It’s not worth your time. Anyway, you’re here reading this. You’ve made this far. This is just a summary of what I think I am. Please bear with me. (whoa! What’s the meaning of this?)

Some of the posts here are English. Watch out for my typos and grammatical errors. Don’t hesitate to tell me. I am willing to change for the better (echos!).

Who? Me?
I like anime and manga. I am eccentric and I like it when I do crazy things. I am an aspiring writer, mangaka, artist, aviatrix, engineer, scientist, inventor, shinigami, car racer, pianist, inventor of the “flying house” with Karlo, samurai, and ninja. They say I’m brilliant, but they also say that I don’t use my intelligence at times; therefore, I’m an idiot at times. Haha! I’m a friend who will make you comfortable with my company, but don’t make me feel uneasy. My true and close friends see the real me that others don’t. I hate socializing; don’t expect to see me at parties. I love puzzles except crossword. I love Math, English, Science and Economics. My weakest subjects? Believe it or not, they’re PE and Filipino, the only hindrances to success!!! I’m very childish and mischievous like an imp (or not at all). I like working on computers and solving lots of problems. I like drawing almost anything at will. I’m a dedicated couch potato who spends quality time on having an anime DVD/manga/book marathon. I like coffee more than iced tea. I won’t talk, if you’re not my friend, unless you talk to me because I am REALLY shy and also socially inept.


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