Year-End Highlights: 2012

2012, I think was my most favorite year — the year I was at the heights of my happiness.

On its first quarter, I became a debutant. We had a mini-party (but it turned out to be a teeny weeny pretty huge party) with formal dress and programme. My college blockmates and friends came. There were my beloved friends, KP, who came straight from a dance competition at Marikina, and Rhoane. Sadly my two best friends couldn’t make it. I received multiple gifts. And my most favorite was a portrait made by Elaine. 🙂

Though I was an irregular second year student, I was more than happy. It was like we were blockmates. Also, I was still classmates with my beloved best friend (more like sister), Vee. I became really close with Tin Aves and everytime I was with her, I was becoming a good person as she was. We three girls spend each day together and share secrets. I used to (and still am) think that failing a subject wasn’t bad. During summer, I made friends from other courses. I am still friends with them.

Physics 1 was the subject I failed. However, taking it again proved that I misunderstood Physics. I came to love Physics! All thanks to Prof. William Bill Turnbull! All of us second takers were able to understand it in one shot! My grades were nearly flat one!!! Actually I couldn’t believe it. Also in summer, Physics 2, I even perfected some of his quizzes! I was very happy. Because of being an irreg, I was able to sit in classes of my peers. They were Integral Calculus and Physics 2. I applied what I learned in those subjects when I took them and proved to be useful.

On summer 2012 was our Engineering Qualifying Exams. It was an exam for incoming third year students so they’ll continue being on their course or forced to shift to other courses IYKWIM. I just studied for our quiz in Physics 2 for if I failed it, it would taint my beloved record. EQE was 2 days after our quiz on Physics 2. I did study a bit so I know what to answer in some. I was really excited on taking it that I couldn’t sleep. We took exams in Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Solid Mensuration, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics. There, it was quite easy, some parts were hard (think about Integral Calculus!!!). I made it with a huge grin plastered on my face despite how gloomy others were. I thought to myself, “I can pass it!” Days after, the results came. ASDFGH! I was TOP SEVEN!!! OMG!

I joined 2 quiz bees last 2012. They were not as prestigious as the nationals or regionals, but they were my first times after my math quiz bee on third year high school. The first one was for our Rizal subject teaming with my two classmates. We didn’t win though but I was happy I joined. The second one was for our Engineering Economics subject teaming with Joseph and Ate Kathy. It was quite big. Hehehe. But not to brag about. We actually made it to the finals but landed as third place. I thought we were going to be the champion. I was quite thirsty for victory. It was a thrilling quiz bee so far for me. I love the experience!

On my third year, first sem, I was hailed as top seven among Civil Engineering students. :3

In 2012, I made friends too. As in lots! From my fellow irregular students on 2nd year, Physics 2 groupmates, Prof. Turnbull, PSAU family, some from 202 2nd sem, Block 302 1st sem, Block-Blockan Wooh, AUSS, to  Marielle. I love every one of them. So much.

Then there were little misadventures with a no-name certain creature.

I started watching movies (not just 25 Pesos) on movie houses, singing on karaoke hubs, subscribing to combo20, loading every 5 days, waking up very early to study, and stopping cramming a little.

Last day of classes before Christmas 2012 was my happiest “Christmas Party” ever! I was with many college friends! We even had exchange gifts! XD Also I received gifts! Hihihi

At the end of the year, as usual, I went to my best friend’s (Kate) 19th birthday. Then again, I received gifts.

Indeed it was my happiest year! Though I didn’t have much money, I was very content. I hope I could return to it because little did I know, the saddest year was to come.


On Mediocrity

Why do I get the feeling that everything around me is substandard?

Why do I think all along the way, I’ve made the wrong decisions?

Why do I start regretting everything?

I was too naïve. Recently, I had seen how ugly reality is.

I chose the wrong school. I didn’t do my research about my current school. Those topnotchers were from other programs (courses). Since when was the last alumnus on top 10 of the board exam? God knows when. Our passing rate, in our department, is discouragingly low. Since I stepped on my third year here as an official student taking major subjects, I have realized we have substandard instructors! Really, I, we, did not learn anything starting from Statics of Rigid Bodies!!! I did not know what in the world we were drafting (more like copying) in Building Design! I did not know the contents of National Building Code of the Philippines! I did not know how to do AutoCAD anymore, what are the parts of a building and their functions, and what is the significance of those bloody formulae!

My physics professor (the only effective professor for me) told me yesternight that we can do it actually and told me things on why are we failing. I was embarrassed because he has high expectations from me as I used to top his exams and the Engineering Qualifying Exam.

Actually, I am not surprised on the outcome of our grade in Structural Theory. It would actually make sense if only four on our block passed; however, undeserving niggas passed, too. (For those who know me personally especially my blockmates or in the same year and course, do not be offended. This is what we assholes think all along.)

I am sad for my very good friend, Chezki. She is one of the cunning I’ve met. She is a scholar of Fluor-Daniel with allowance. Her parents are separated and they rely on their mother. She is the eldest and it is pressuring for her mother has high expectations from her. Without that scholarship, she couldn’t study. She is now troubled as she failed the bloody subject, thanks to our “effective and good-natured” professor. Now her scholarship would be gone. Darn it! Hence I am trying my best to support and help her. I suggest that we work whilst we study. The best paying job would be as a customer representative (AKA call center agent). However it is stressing aside from they do not hire part-timers. I suggest to work as a barista at Starbucks for it is near our alma mater. Editor in a journal, magazine or any reading material would be good for us. We are now in the middle of a job search. If my dad figures this out (me applying for a job), I’d be dead meat! It cannot be helped though. Dad’s salary is enough for us to make ends meet. He couldn’t shoulder more than this. Dad has pride. He doesn’t want us to pay it ourselves. He promised to give us comfort. My sister is studying in a catholic school. Yearly, its worth is roughly half my semestral tuition fee. That is about 20k. My brother is now on his second year in Jose Rizal University. His tuition is about 30k. Mine is whopping 40-45k. I do not wish to stop. I love studying. Not this semester though.

I am ashamed of myself. Not to my peers but to my parents. I’ve failed a subject before. But I skyrocketed my grades and status so I think I paid it. I was imposing on them, that’s why. I was the one who asked to have wifi and desktop on our home. They even bought me this new phone! I am embarrassed but I saw this coming already and I’ve already told them that I might fail. Dad’s mad.

Chezki and I came up with plans. Many plans. Aside from us working, we wished to transfer schools. I am envious of those who transferred. They made the right decision. They are misconceptualized as those who fail in our course. Wrong! They are those who realized they won’t get anywhere. Our choices are TUP and TIP. Since TUP is strict and we couldn’t afford repeating everything, we’d go for TIP.

I am jealous of Jody, Norbert, James, Eloie and Roselle. They are now learning. I read from Jody’s acknowledgment in her compilation in Building Design that they use the Building Code, know the computations, and what they are actually drawing. Yep, they are that fortunate. How I wished I’d join them. TIP is perfect because of these. Moreover, its tuition fee is half ours! Hoorah for that! Chezki could pay it herself given that she works. I could also help Dad minimize his expenditures!

It would be good leaving because I am leaving what should be left and forgotten.

Some things are holding me back though. Vee, I couldn’t leave her. She is my best friend! I have a duty to help and be there for her. Two, CJ, she relies on me as I am her partner on AdU-ACES. She frets too much, I couldn’t leave her. Three, my duty as an Academic Directress. It is my sworn duty to be.

So if our plan’s in favor of us, goodbye, AdU-ACES, mediocrity, good friends, Paotsin, free wifi, green comp shop, BKK, PSAU, CE Night!

If there is one thing why I am transferring, it would be because, I do not want mediocrity anymore!

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Enrollment Situations

I am very much excited for the new semester. Well, there is the new me, new subjects to enjoy (yeah I do love learning). I am most thrilled about seeing my beloved friends. 🙂

About enrolment, this was probably my easiest. Within 10 minutes, you can finish enrolling provided that you paid the tuition prior the enrollment and you go to school early to avoid long queue for the printing of assessment form. This is the privilege you can get if you are in a block section or a regular student.

As for the irregular students, this was probably the hardest. My friends who are irregular students waited as the clock stroke at midnight on May 27th for the online enrollment or reservation of sections until June 5th. It is the survival of the fittest. The fastest finger wins the trophy. Many got frustrated as their picked sections got by another. Students with ID numbers from 2011-2012 got nervous when the system prioritized students whose numbers start earlier than them and the subjects began to be unavailable or close. Some who went on a vacation thinking they had reserved their sections already had their reservations deleted and opened and grabbed making them start from zero. On June 5, E-learning shut down for “repairs”. Their enrolled subjects got all deleted! Everyone panicked. Many voiced out their frustrations on social networking sites. Eventually, the site came back. Hehehe. Thanks, God.

A year and a half back, I myself was an irregular student. There was no such thing as online enrollment, only online reservation. You had to print this darn mock assessment form before enrolling. When the day of enrollment came, Vee, Tin, Cura, Adrianne and I went as early as 6:30AM to pay our tuition fees to avoid a very long line. Next we went to OZ 202 (which was a building away) for the advising of subjects which I think was very useless as it consumed our precious time especially when the adviser is gay that took us a long time when there were cute guys ahead of us. (Oops! Running sentences there. Hahaha)

Then we joined a long queue of students who encode their subjects personally. When I say long, I mean the queue extends from the end of the fourth floor which I thought never existed to the 2nd floor then enter three darn rooms and occupy the shit 40 seats (and it makes 120 seats thank you very much) to another building’s ground floor.

We suffered third world problems that day: heat, hunger, poverty, thirst, hunger, and overpopulation. Lunch break came but not a drink, not even a bite. It was getting hotter. We have to guard our post otherwise some dude might get it.

Finally we entered CL4, the room where we encoded our sections. But Adrianne and Tin got separated from us! Panic mode!!! We got our sections from Addi. The funny thing was Addi was our classmate just on one subject: Rizal. Hahaha! Adrianne promised to call us up so we could have the same schedules. We did it. But, hey! We were finally enrolled! Yahoo! It was 3:00PM when we finished. Eight and a half hours!!! We are dead hungry and so we we decided to eat at Chic-Boy at UN Avenue. I ate plenty and so were they! Hahahaha!

The Story So Far

Second Year…
Few new classmates, new friends, new subjects.
The most significant part of this year was that I, for the first time in my whole life, failed a subject. Yes, I did. I was kinda depressed for my parents who pay my tuition. On the other hand, I didn’t regret failing the said subject. It was actually an angel in disguise for I have to repeat the subject and learn about it and be friends with the subject. Hahahaha! Yeah, be friends with the subject. Now I love that subject. As in. Summer, i met new friends from other courses. I love them all. Then there was Engineering Qualifying Exam. I swear I’d make a comeback. AND I DID!!! Hahahaha! i returned my ruined reputation and become the overall top 7 on the said exam.

Third Year…
As usual, new classmates but on a new block, new pals mostly men, new experiences.
This year is the most significant year. There are a lot of first times this year. Made mistakes, made an enemy, made new circle of friends, expanded my world. My knowledge of friends, booze, boys, love, pain, hate, society became a whole lot wider. Most are first-hand experiences that I will never ever forget.

All these are the story so far. Better watch out for the update and the stories in detail!