Year-End Highlights: 2014

It is already summer but I don’t care. Hahaha! Presenting the year-end highlights for 2014!

I failed Soil Mechanics. Though I got a high grade in the preliminaries, it did not mean I would pass the subject. I failed (as in unimaginable figure) midterms so it was expected. I aced the finals nonetheless. But it is not enough to make me pass the whole semester.

The saddest birthday ever. Starbucks Market! Market! celebrated it with me. Guilt-Free Indulgence in the house. They sang the birthday song for me and managed to make me smile. A bit.

For the first time, I treated my friends because it was my birthday (not my real day though). The only ones with me were Ryla, Kirby and Homer.

Summer. It was the last time I was classmates with Vee. We separated from the gang. I became close friends with Reil and Reniel.

I, with Vee, used to visit my mates from the other Theory 2 class when we had breaks. Reil and Reniel were eating lomi outside so I made Vee come with me to support me with “visiting” my crush. Hahaha

First semester. Vee’s not my classmate in any subject anymore. My only friends there were Reil and Reniel.

Thesis. My groupmates were Reniel, Kirby and Ryla. The idea came from us all but Kirby had the idea of using the raw material for our product. Not telling. Hahaha. Reniel was very enthusiastic of the project organization we found inside our HQ during our practicum. He, of course, was the project manager (leader). I was the project-in-charge (assistant leader AKA his secretary pwe!). Kirby was the deputy engineer. Ryla was the finance manager/engineer. The good thing about our schedules was we were divided into two — internal affairs (also known as the TTh Team consisting of Ryla and Kirby) and external affairs (the MWF Team consisting of Reniel and me) — each team had the same schedule. The MWF Team handled any thesis-related thing outside the campus. It includes site visits, interviews, library visits, and searching for a certain someone. The TTh Team did the work inside the campus.

We also visited De La Salle Henry Sy Library. It was so amazing! Ryla and I loved the place. It was so admirable. I saw many books that I wanted. I’d love to visit there whenever.

Maleficent is the only movie I together with Fidi and Kirby watched in the theater last year. The rest were downloads.

And speaking of downloads, I had a 500-Gb collection of anime and movies. It was actually more than 500 gig. I had to delete 100 series to fit new downloads. Talk about the sad life of a poor girl.

And I finished my life as a poor girl.

I rented a room with Kirby, Gela and Jeno at Vito Cruz for the whole semester.

It was pouring hard when Gela’s nanay invited us spontaneously to have fun. We knew no flood just to meet nanay. The flood was actually knee-deep and it was like that everywhere until Reniel’s condo. The wind was so strong. In the end, we went to Harrison Plaze to sing at a local videoke hub.

A friend and I unconciously started to try different restos and food trips we could think of that moment. A lot of first times actually.

This year alone, we applied for two companies for our OJT. The reason for leaving the first one was we got tired of office works.

We thought of the craziest excuse for not taking up exam.

Kirby, Fidi, Vee, Reil, Chezki and I watched Gela’s final performance as Tinik ng Teatro‘s actress. She was the lead character.

Gela’s sister, Acel, and I became friends. On her 18th birthday, she kidnapped us (Kirby, Homer and I) to Pansol, Laguna. They rented a private hot spring resort.

I attended for the first time an anime convention! Best of Anime was truly great! I went there with fellow anime fan, Shee. There I finally found Uruhara Kisuke’s hat! I bought it because he is my favorite.

Neb was our hero of the first semester.

I started to drink booze. Lowin’s birthday. Just for the heck of it.

Christmas party with a different set of friends. I was invited by Ryla, Jeff, Neb and Reniel. Why not? Of course it was a drinking party! We had exchange gifts. It was the only gift I received for Christmas.

Catherine is now a certified public accountant. When she came to Manila to work, we spent a lot of time together. On our last day, I went with her to look for the building she would work at.

My high school barkada, as always, went to Catherine’s home to celebrate her birthday. On December 31, I had a rough ride. No regrets though.


The Late-Night Post: Entry 6

I am currently enjoying my final year as a student. New set of friends. New subjects to enjoy. New “struggles” to overcome. New places to visit.

I really, really enjoy our thesis. So much! It can be energy-consuming most of the time, but I am having fun. The travels, misadventures, interviews, people — all of it! It became my saving grace. I also like my groupmates. They are awesome. We have a role allotted for the other. I learn how to manage people and the way of talking to them. The use and abuse of cajolery. Meeting different people made me learn a lot of things and I love it! Our thesis is my pride. I think we deserve to be number one. I strongly believe in it.

I also enjoyed our academics. However I was about to lose heart in Prestressed Concrete Design (PS) and Construction and Project Management (CPM). PS was one hell of a subject with one helluva professor! Dang it hit my mate it made me conscentious! So I swore I would help him in ways I can.

Another thing I learned this last term is to drink booze. Yeah, now I drink liquor. Wine, cocktail, beer, brandy, tequila. In great moderation though. I still do not like drinking. My mates think I have high tolerance against alcochol. We will see. I got my drinking buddies now. Hahaha

I can also say that my horizon is much wider than before. It is because a friend told me that I should not be imprisoned and die in civilization, and I must think out of the box.

Because I take slightly different classes than my friends since the first semester, I got to meet new sets of friends. It made me realize that separation can do you good.

I got to visit a lot of places! The farthest I have gone this academic year are Quezon Province and Nueva Ecija! I missed breathing the air of provinces. Refreshing despite the 3 to 4-hour bus ride from Manila. It was really cold in Sariaya, Quezon! Vee and I went there to surprise her boyfriend. One day I will sure go back to visit Kamay ni Hesus. Nueva Ecija was where I spent my teenage years so I got high school friends there. It was nostalgic to see my friends. I visit every end of the year to celebrate my best friend’s birthday.

I am visiting a lot of restos in the metro and trying every milk tea and coffee shop with friends. Most are yum! I will do reviews soon.

Struggles. Maybe I got no sense of belongingness from my own friends. Sigh. But it won’t stop me from being their friend. One day, I’ll fit in. It could be one of the reasons I am enjoying other’s company a lot.

I am a lot confident than I was before. Little by little, my timidness to speak fades. I really thank the people who helped me.

To end this random unrelated paragraphs, if I got spare time or maybe on my next rare vacation, I will post again! Btw, I composed another poem out of ennui.

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P. S. My 100th post! Yay!

The Sembreak Comeback

After more than a month of not posting regularly, here I am typing random nonsense in my good ol’ blog as usual.

And so it is my semestral break and I miss writing. (Just kidding, I am just experiencing ennui.) Gee, I got no one else to talk to. Well, I actually want to travel and be a backpacker. It is my dream to be. I am very much envious of my friends, they rain my newsfeed with their posts and photos of their travels in provinces. I am born in the city and it makes sense if I get bored with the city lights.

Hence I am here blabbering how much I want to pack my things and travel to Cebu or Cagayan de Oro or Tagaytay. I really want to do it someday.

This semester, I decided to go rent a room with friends. I used to go home every weekend but on finals, I prioritized studying so I never went home until the end of the semester.

Mom now goes to work. When I went home, it felt like it was not ours. My cousins and bitchy girlfriend of one dominated our home as if it wasn’t ours. The hell I want to change the freaking password again and block their IP addresses forever. Yes, I am very stingy. I don’t want the society’s scum to have it easy in life. That is how my twisted brain works.

So when they packed their bags and leave with their girlfriends, how happy I was. Really, it is for the better of our home and my mom’s health. But at the same time, felt bad for my aunt who is living the life of a single lady and works hard for her useless kids. I mean it — her hard-earned money goes to waste. They are leeching her off.

When they came back, I feel like singing and so you’re back from outer space.

Well this is my feeling about it. I don’t want to get involved with them and I have nothing to do with them anymore unless they turn 180° and study well for their mother.

Nuff said. I wish I have a laptop again at hand to change the freaking SSID or password.

Well, I miss the dorm life and its perks. There, I just worry about my studies and never stress over those things.

Overall, I want to live in a condo in Vito Cruz peacefully.

Second Sem, First Day (freshie days)

Ayun, simula na naman ng bagong semestre. Tapos na ang isang buwang sem break. Kainis. Bitin.
Sa totoo lang ayaw ko pang pumasok nun, parang ngayon. (winter break na patapos na) Ewan ko ba, hindi ako ganun ka-excited pumasok. Siguro kasi iiwanan ko na uli ang dapat iwanan… TV, books, manga. Higit sa lahat eh mawawala na uli ako sa comfort zone.
The day before the semester opened, Mum left me in the dorm… ALONE. Wala pa si KP kasi the next, next day pa siya.
The next morning, pasukan na. Maaga ako gumising para unahan ang mga kapwa ko tenants sa boarding house (actually, boarding house talaga siya, since mas maikling sabihin ang dorm, e dorm na lang. It’s a lame excuse i know.) Then, off to go!
Same building, same floor. Nagpunta na ako sa CS 406. Okay, as expected, maaga ako nakarating, together with early birds. May kaunting hindi kakilala, siguro dalawa sila and the rest were my classmates last sem. Syempre kumustahan portion.
Out of 40 students, 14 lang ang nakapag-enroll sa block CE101. Out of 10 biological girls(I need to say biological. Pardon me.), only 4 made it.

Tas dumating na ang mga guro… Okay naman ang mga prof ko. Kaso ung isa kong prof, nagbabalik. Ung subject pa namang iyon eh ang pinakamababa ko. Ang isa sa mga subjects na masinsinan kong nire-review ngunit patapon ang grado nung hayskul: Filipino. Haha!

Tas ang pinakaayaw ko sa unang araw ng pasukan e nangyari na naman. Iyon e ang CLASS INTRODUCTION. For goodness sake, college na kami! Hindi elementary! Sa English namin unang ginawa iyon. Ayon sa aming propesor, nararapat lamang na extemporaneous (not impromptu, kasi she gave us the details of what to say) ang aming sasabihin. Tas ayun, me dapat pa raw sabihin na “motto.” (Reminds me of Wowowee)
Me, panicked, for I couldn’t think of one though I had bunch of those in my notebook. My friend gave me one. He saved me! Haha! I actually screwed introducing myself. It’s evident, they laughed! What did I say? Some punks! Noong time naman ng Filipino, ang prof namin e sabi sa aming block e kami raw ang “survivors” sa kanyang subject which is true. Maraming bagsak dun sa Filipino! Lucky me I didn’t fail!

At doon nagtatapos ang first day ng second sem ko sa paaralan.


First semester ended, so did the month-long sembreak.
My dad finally decided to let me live in a dorm. Yes, DORM. Luckily, my friend, KP, agreed to share a room with me so it’d be convenient for us to study.

The boarding house’s hallways were about a meter and too crowded due to the shoe racks of the tenants. Our room was located on the third floor.

I was expecting the rooms were tidy and spacious enough for PhP4000. I, I mean, we were surprised to see the room. It was about 1.5mX1m. Our rest room was way larger than that one. It’s like we’re in a pigpen. The room has no windows with one ceiling fan and a double-deck bed. The bed I’m talking about was about 5″3′, the same height as mine.

During the night time, we need not turn on the lights for the rooms next to us are sort of giving us light as if in a tunnel. Another problem were the bathrooms. The bathroom on the 2nd floor was spacious yet lacked water supply when the other restrooms used water. The restrooms on the first floor, when the other is used, say, when you pour a bucket of water in the toilet, the other will react. The water poured will go to the other toilet! As in it will flow like a lava!!! It’s kind of creepy, but you can cope with it unless you’re squeamish.
Another was the odor. You could smell your neighbor’s fried anchovies when they fried it INSIDE their room! We had to endure it for hours. Remember that our room has no windows. The hallways smelled of stray cats.
The front door was not a problem. The problem was the tenants’ oblivion. The instant they forgot to lock the door, an infiltrator might invade our rooms and steal our belongings! It almost happened twice!!!
Oh, and speaking of infiltrators, I’d met them. They were Dodi and Roach. Dodi, the mice (yes, it is a collective name for me. All mice are Dodi. Whereas Roach is obviously all roaches.), invaded my FOOD SUPPLY!!! Roach is in the first floor, on the hallways and on the restrooms.
I think the good points living in a dorm were:
1. It is near my school.
2. The caretakers are kind.
3. (THE BEST) It is near SM City Manila!!!

If I were not in the mood to do anything in the room, I just went to SM Manila, particularly National Bookstore to read books. Hehe.