Yaaah. It has been a while since I had posted here on my puny blog. Seven months is waaaay too long. One would think this blogsite is done for.

Worry not, my cute lil refuge. Your useless owner had gone through a series of huge decision-making schemes!

What went through these past months ya ask? Well, there was the ominous licensure board exam for civil engineers and the whole job hunting I am still doing but not really doing because all I’ve done is waiting for the two companies I would like to work at. (Hello, running sentences I always am notorious at!)

After the board exam, I went home from the dormitory and held my phone, changed the wifi password, read “few” manga series I’ve left (about 20-30? No kidding!), watched anime and movies, and reactivated my facebook account.

I think my accomplishment, aside from getting my license, was to finish Naruto manga in two weeks. Yep, right from its first chapter to the final (chapter 700). I actually held myself back because I might finish it in 5 days. Hahaha! Naruto is my spirit animal. He is relatable and inspirational and kawaii. In short, my hero. Yay! (Ichigo-chan, don’t worry, I still love you lots!)

So, blog-chan, you have to bear with your stupid owner again! Hahaha


Shorts: Entry 7 – First Date (?)

I just realized it a while ago.

I think I had my first date.

God, why did I just realize it now?

You invited me nonchalantly and I accepted just because.

We travelled. We explored. We ate. Had fun.

It was a usual date without the movies, dressing up, holding hands and flowers. Well, I reckon it was not normal.

We both had fun.

No photos though. Too bad. Ugh.

I want to do it again. With you. 🙂

Shorts: Entry 4 – Photoshoots

I am very fond of posing a la Vogue. Hahaha


Yes, I did this. Hahaha


And this!


Like Candice!

I want to have a photographer as a friend.

Now, I want to recreate Hollywood classic movie posters like Breakfast at Tiffany’s


Yes, like this one!

or shoujo manga (graphic novels for girls) like Kimi ni Todoke‘s First Volume.


Now, I need a boyfriend to recreate this!

But, first, like I said previously, I need a photographer friend who will put up with my whims.

The Late-Night Post: Entry 6

I am currently enjoying my final year as a student. New set of friends. New subjects to enjoy. New “struggles” to overcome. New places to visit.

I really, really enjoy our thesis. So much! It can be energy-consuming most of the time, but I am having fun. The travels, misadventures, interviews, people — all of it! It became my saving grace. I also like my groupmates. They are awesome. We have a role allotted for the other. I learn how to manage people and the way of talking to them. The use and abuse of cajolery. Meeting different people made me learn a lot of things and I love it! Our thesis is my pride. I think we deserve to be number one. I strongly believe in it.

I also enjoyed our academics. However I was about to lose heart in Prestressed Concrete Design (PS) and Construction and Project Management (CPM). PS was one hell of a subject with one helluva professor! Dang it hit my mate it made me conscentious! So I swore I would help him in ways I can.

Another thing I learned this last term is to drink booze. Yeah, now I drink liquor. Wine, cocktail, beer, brandy, tequila. In great moderation though. I still do not like drinking. My mates think I have high tolerance against alcochol. We will see. I got my drinking buddies now. Hahaha

I can also say that my horizon is much wider than before. It is because a friend told me that I should not be imprisoned and die in civilization, and I must think out of the box.

Because I take slightly different classes than my friends since the first semester, I got to meet new sets of friends. It made me realize that separation can do you good.

I got to visit a lot of places! The farthest I have gone this academic year are Quezon Province and Nueva Ecija! I missed breathing the air of provinces. Refreshing despite the 3 to 4-hour bus ride from Manila. It was really cold in Sariaya, Quezon! Vee and I went there to surprise her boyfriend. One day I will sure go back to visit Kamay ni Hesus. Nueva Ecija was where I spent my teenage years so I got high school friends there. It was nostalgic to see my friends. I visit every end of the year to celebrate my best friend’s birthday.

I am visiting a lot of restos in the metro and trying every milk tea and coffee shop with friends. Most are yum! I will do reviews soon.

Struggles. Maybe I got no sense of belongingness from my own friends. Sigh. But it won’t stop me from being their friend. One day, I’ll fit in. It could be one of the reasons I am enjoying other’s company a lot.

I am a lot confident than I was before. Little by little, my timidness to speak fades. I really thank the people who helped me.

To end this random unrelated paragraphs, if I got spare time or maybe on my next rare vacation, I will post again! Btw, I composed another poem out of ennui.

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P. S. My 100th post! Yay!

Year-End Highlights: 2012

2012, I think was my most favorite year — the year I was at the heights of my happiness.

On its first quarter, I became a debutant. We had a mini-party (but it turned out to be a teeny weeny pretty huge party) with formal dress and programme. My college blockmates and friends came. There were my beloved friends, KP, who came straight from a dance competition at Marikina, and Rhoane. Sadly my two best friends couldn’t make it. I received multiple gifts. And my most favorite was a portrait made by Elaine. 🙂

Though I was an irregular second year student, I was more than happy. It was like we were blockmates. Also, I was still classmates with my beloved best friend (more like sister), Vee. I became really close with Tin Aves and everytime I was with her, I was becoming a good person as she was. We three girls spend each day together and share secrets. I used to (and still am) think that failing a subject wasn’t bad. During summer, I made friends from other courses. I am still friends with them.

Physics 1 was the subject I failed. However, taking it again proved that I misunderstood Physics. I came to love Physics! All thanks to Prof. William Bill Turnbull! All of us second takers were able to understand it in one shot! My grades were nearly flat one!!! Actually I couldn’t believe it. Also in summer, Physics 2, I even perfected some of his quizzes! I was very happy. Because of being an irreg, I was able to sit in classes of my peers. They were Integral Calculus and Physics 2. I applied what I learned in those subjects when I took them and proved to be useful.

On summer 2012 was our Engineering Qualifying Exams. It was an exam for incoming third year students so they’ll continue being on their course or forced to shift to other courses IYKWIM. I just studied for our quiz in Physics 2 for if I failed it, it would taint my beloved record. EQE was 2 days after our quiz on Physics 2. I did study a bit so I know what to answer in some. I was really excited on taking it that I couldn’t sleep. We took exams in Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Solid Mensuration, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics. There, it was quite easy, some parts were hard (think about Integral Calculus!!!). I made it with a huge grin plastered on my face despite how gloomy others were. I thought to myself, “I can pass it!” Days after, the results came. ASDFGH! I was TOP SEVEN!!! OMG!

I joined 2 quiz bees last 2012. They were not as prestigious as the nationals or regionals, but they were my first times after my math quiz bee on third year high school. The first one was for our Rizal subject teaming with my two classmates. We didn’t win though but I was happy I joined. The second one was for our Engineering Economics subject teaming with Joseph and Ate Kathy. It was quite big. Hehehe. But not to brag about. We actually made it to the finals but landed as third place. I thought we were going to be the champion. I was quite thirsty for victory. It was a thrilling quiz bee so far for me. I love the experience!

On my third year, first sem, I was hailed as top seven among Civil Engineering students. :3

In 2012, I made friends too. As in lots! From my fellow irregular students on 2nd year, Physics 2 groupmates, Prof. Turnbull, PSAU family, some from 202 2nd sem, Block 302 1st sem, Block-Blockan Wooh, AUSS, to  Marielle. I love every one of them. So much.

Then there were little misadventures with a no-name certain creature.

I started watching movies (not just 25 Pesos) on movie houses, singing on karaoke hubs, subscribing to combo20, loading every 5 days, waking up very early to study, and stopping cramming a little.

Last day of classes before Christmas 2012 was my happiest “Christmas Party” ever! I was with many college friends! We even had exchange gifts! XD Also I received gifts! Hihihi

At the end of the year, as usual, I went to my best friend’s (Kate) 19th birthday. Then again, I received gifts.

Indeed it was my happiest year! Though I didn’t have much money, I was very content. I hope I could return to it because little did I know, the saddest year was to come.

On Relationships Pt. 1

(Since this is a very hot topic among my peers)

As a far-from-newbie on this kind of topic, of course, if I finally am in it, I have many expectations and things I want to do with my significant other.

Well I do not expect him to make these wishes true though. From when I was a kid until now, I had these lingered on my mind. It’d be awesome if he does this!

Dating: I never liked the typical movie-like dates! Both of us on our formal wears, eating at an expensive resto with their signature dish to complement with champagne or wine, watching at a theatre after, etc. Oh, good Lord! As much as I wanted, no to expensive restos! I’d be more than happy if it were homemade! It’d be more special. I want the both of us comfortable. If we were to watch a movie, no to romantic flicks! I like action and adventure genre more. On dates, I like it if it were an adventure! We play at the arcade, one on one on Tekken, Initial D, Street Fighter, etc. Karaoke! Laser tags! Rock climbing! Zip-line! Rappel! Joyride! Yeah, they were all odd. But I like it. I love surprises, too!
Well, to sum what I really wanted is the “Take my Hand” date. It is described by The Cab’s song, Take my Hand.

There is one thing I would love him to do but I won’t include it here.

Gifts: I don’t care if it is inexpensive. What counts is the thought. But if he gave me what he knew I hate, I would kill him. It is much appreciated if it comes with a letter!!! Well, just letters are very much appreciated! I love reading letters as much as I love writing them. I keep all letters to me in a special stash. If on a random day, I were to receive a gift or a sweet letter or note, it would surely make my day. 🙂

Celebrations: I do not like celebrating monthsaries. I dunno. Most who celebrate it never reach anniversaries. Commemorations will do. A simple letter or note is cool!

Plethora: I wish him to be my best friend, brother, father, teacher, and awesome life partner. Well, if I got a boyfriend already, I want him to be the one I’d marry and love forever. No to flings. Someone who sees me as I am. Someone who accepts me. Someone who cheers me up. Someone who lights up my day. Someone who never leaves my side. Someone who escapes reality with me. Someone who takes care of me. Someone who believes in me. Someone who scolds me. Someone who makes me proud. Someone who is proud of me. Someone who protects me. Someone I want to protect. Someone who thinks I am beautiful. Someone I learn a lot from. Someone I can be a total weirdo with. Someone who understands me. Someone I can tell everything to. Someone who respects me. Someone who trusts me. Someone who never gets tired of me. Someone I will never get tired of. Someone who makes me happy. And most of all, someone who loves me selflessly everyday.

There are still a lot I forgot to mention. But to my future darling, hey! You reading this, pal? Hahaha

I believe, at the right time with the right person, God has plans. I believe he is just around there fails to see me as much as I haven’t known him.

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