Year-End Highlights: 2012

2012, I think was my most favorite year — the year I was at the heights of my happiness.

On its first quarter, I became a debutant. We had a mini-party (but it turned out to be a teeny weeny pretty huge party) with formal dress and programme. My college blockmates and friends came. There were my beloved friends, KP, who came straight from a dance competition at Marikina, and Rhoane. Sadly my two best friends couldn’t make it. I received multiple gifts. And my most favorite was a portrait made by Elaine. 🙂

Though I was an irregular second year student, I was more than happy. It was like we were blockmates. Also, I was still classmates with my beloved best friend (more like sister), Vee. I became really close with Tin Aves and everytime I was with her, I was becoming a good person as she was. We three girls spend each day together and share secrets. I used to (and still am) think that failing a subject wasn’t bad. During summer, I made friends from other courses. I am still friends with them.

Physics 1 was the subject I failed. However, taking it again proved that I misunderstood Physics. I came to love Physics! All thanks to Prof. William Bill Turnbull! All of us second takers were able to understand it in one shot! My grades were nearly flat one!!! Actually I couldn’t believe it. Also in summer, Physics 2, I even perfected some of his quizzes! I was very happy. Because of being an irreg, I was able to sit in classes of my peers. They were Integral Calculus and Physics 2. I applied what I learned in those subjects when I took them and proved to be useful.

On summer 2012 was our Engineering Qualifying Exams. It was an exam for incoming third year students so they’ll continue being on their course or forced to shift to other courses IYKWIM. I just studied for our quiz in Physics 2 for if I failed it, it would taint my beloved record. EQE was 2 days after our quiz on Physics 2. I did study a bit so I know what to answer in some. I was really excited on taking it that I couldn’t sleep. We took exams in Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Solid Mensuration, Calculus, Chemistry and Physics. There, it was quite easy, some parts were hard (think about Integral Calculus!!!). I made it with a huge grin plastered on my face despite how gloomy others were. I thought to myself, “I can pass it!” Days after, the results came. ASDFGH! I was TOP SEVEN!!! OMG!

I joined 2 quiz bees last 2012. They were not as prestigious as the nationals or regionals, but they were my first times after my math quiz bee on third year high school. The first one was for our Rizal subject teaming with my two classmates. We didn’t win though but I was happy I joined. The second one was for our Engineering Economics subject teaming with Joseph and Ate Kathy. It was quite big. Hehehe. But not to brag about. We actually made it to the finals but landed as third place. I thought we were going to be the champion. I was quite thirsty for victory. It was a thrilling quiz bee so far for me. I love the experience!

On my third year, first sem, I was hailed as top seven among Civil Engineering students. :3

In 2012, I made friends too. As in lots! From my fellow irregular students on 2nd year, Physics 2 groupmates, Prof. Turnbull, PSAU family, some from 202 2nd sem, Block 302 1st sem, Block-Blockan Wooh, AUSS, to  Marielle. I love every one of them. So much.

Then there were little misadventures with a no-name certain creature.

I started watching movies (not just 25 Pesos) on movie houses, singing on karaoke hubs, subscribing to combo20, loading every 5 days, waking up very early to study, and stopping cramming a little.

Last day of classes before Christmas 2012 was my happiest “Christmas Party” ever! I was with many college friends! We even had exchange gifts! XD Also I received gifts! Hihihi

At the end of the year, as usual, I went to my best friend’s (Kate) 19th birthday. Then again, I received gifts.

Indeed it was my happiest year! Though I didn’t have much money, I was very content. I hope I could return to it because little did I know, the saddest year was to come.


Accidental Encounters Pt. 1

Accidental encounters…

I was in grade school that time. The time when I was still a feminist and doesn’t like interaction between boys and when alternating seats was a punishment.
We went to Megamall to buy stuffs. I was with my family that time. We were in the department store. I guess it was on sale that time so there are huge crowds.

Dad (or Mum) was dragging me when a guy about my age surprised me with, “Wah!” He, I as I remembered, was tall, cute and had cute Japanese eyes. He was hiding in the clothes and did that. His arms were open. Cute. Just imagine a person surprise you. That’s it. But a random boy surprise a feminist like that? I gave him a cold suspicious stare.

I was a freshman in college that time. I was still riding LRT to go home. (If you call that a home.) I was at EDSA station in a long queue inserting their LRT cards (again. Well, commuters in EDSA are highly concentrated. Hahaha) when a tall, fair-skinned, cute boy with Japanese-like eyes who was wearing a white shirt that time says sorry to a man like a, well, a Japanese or Korean. And he had that apologetic smile to die for. Kyaaa~ Hahaha I tried to follow him but he got away. Dang it! Hahaha I wish to see him again whoever he is and be my friend. Chos!

Too bad I never saw these two boys again.

Bad luck Cye.

Hello… again

Woah! It has been more than two years since I’ve posted and updated this site. Hell yeah! Hahahaha!
You see, I was busy these past years. Busy with studies. (Really? Were you?) Yeah, you are right, I was not. Partly, yes. Hahaha! Part of the reason was that we disconnected our internet connection. We moved houses from Nueva Ecija to Manila. Now it is pretty hard to get along with my beloved high school friends. *sobs*

Well, since I couldn’t live without friends and don’t want them to drift away, I keep contact with them. There are facebook, twitter and their phone numbers but seeing them personally is a whole lot different. I mean a lot. Almost everyday, I call them up. Really. I think I am a call center agent by now and most likely I am about to memorize their numbers for I call them up using landline.

Some of my high school friends got boyfriends/girlfriends already. I still don’t have one. (I am not envious. Hahahaha! I am waiting for my love. Naks!) Most of the couples in high school split and found another in college. Some stopped studying and work instead. Some achieved awesome statuses in their schools. Some got more handsome or more beautiful, some don’t. Most of them had.. changed. Physically, mentally, socially. Most were improvements.

The people I’ve met in first year college have significantly changed. From first year, people did change mostly girls for girls think about appearance so much and sometimes I wonder if I were a girl. (chos! hahaha) I am now at my third year going fourth. When I was still in my fourth year high school, I thought of changing my physical appearance. Now nothing happens. I hate it. Hahaha. Really. Now, this summer I am inspired to makeover (more like overhaul) myself. You see, I don’t think I am improving physically. Now I am starting to be self-conscious. (Naks!) I want to bring back my long hair and my side bangs, color my hair red (but since it is prohibited in our school, I’d do it after grad), change my whole wardrobe, take care of my face from now on. My best friend in college, Vee, also said the same thing that I should change physically so to look nice.

I promise to wear something nice and don’t wear university or org shirts this sem given that I changed my whole wardrobe already. There. Hahaha!

But one thing I realized as I take this road, being beautiful invests lots of time, discipline and patience.

My deadline would be on the first day of classes for preparing for this huge change.
Hope this time it would happen.

UN Day 2010

Hay, malas noong UN Day or United Nations Day ng General de Jesus College. Inulan. Signal number two pa sa Nueva Ecija. Wala tuloy pasok.

Pero kahapon, nagpunta kami ni KP sa GJC para “manood” ng UN. Haha! Pero as usual, inantay ko pa uli si KP sa kanila at ambagal ng bruha! Haha!

Pagpunta namin roon. Wowness! Sa kanto pa lang papunta roon e maraming nagbago. Iyong hilera ng kainan roon eh na-elevate at na-renovate na! Bongga! Pagpasok namin, ganoon pa rin naman iyong ambiance. Pero weird pa rin. Sarap magbalik-tanaw.

Pero nagulat kami doon sa ginagawang Canteen bago kami gumraduate! Wow! It reminded me of the PNP Camp in UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila! Well, kung napunta ka na sa PNP Camp eh maiintindihan mo ako. The best (?) way to describe it is that it looks like a new-built house! (Doesn’t make sense, eh? Just use your imagination, kiddo!) Kaya, bilang dalawa sa “legendary” alumnae ng GJC, inikot namin ang bagong building, na sa huli eh canteen pa rin na sa second floor e classrooms. Pero may third and fourth floors na ilalagay pa roon! Bongga na ang GJC! Talagang kung kailan kami umalis eh tsaka pinaganda. Wahaha! 😀

Tas ito pa, may bagong “branch” ang high school library! Iyong dating homeroom ng Champaca eh naging HS Library! May nakalagay pa sa karatula:

Siyempre, para sa Internet rent iyon!

Tas bumaba na kami, doon sa gym kung saan ginaganap ang program ng UN Day.
Tinanaw agad namin si Ma’am Tiqui, ang aming guro sa Filipino noong aming ikatlo at ikaapat na taon sa mataas na paaralan. Siya kasi ang ka-close naming dalawa ni KP.
Me: Bulaga!
KP: Ma’am!!!!!!!!!!!
Ma’am Tiqui: Ui!!! *looks at KP* Kumusta na? Ang payat mo ah!
KP: Tumaba nga po ako eh!
MT: Ang payat mo nga!
Me: Ako po Ma’am, hindi niyo kukumustahin?
MT & KP: Hahahahahaha!
Me: Ma’am! Alam niyo po ba hindi ko binabagsak ang Filipino!!! (Trivium: Bagsak ako madalas sa Filipino noong HS days)
MT: Talaga? Eh di kahusay!
KP: Ako rin po!
MT: Ano ba mga kurso niyo?
KP: Accounting po!
Me: CE po!
KP: Mahal na mahal po namin si Ma’am Cruz! Haha! Puro math po kami! (Si Ma’am Cruz ang teacher namin sa math noong 4th year.)

Tas nakita rin namin si Ma’am Erese, Ma’am Cheung, Ma’am Bolagao, at Sir Sugay! Happy! Puro tawa na lang ang ginawa namin nung araw na iyon.

Tas ito pa: Nilibre kami ni Reina ng Silvanas, at ang mahal niya para sa isang cookie na may mala-ice cream sa loob. Iyong laki niya eh parang mas malaki ng onti sa Oreo. Pero mas malapad ung Oreo roon. Ang price niya? PhP30.00!!! Hanep! Matagal na pala ibinenta yong silvanas na iyon! Noong last year pa pala. Ni hindi namin nalaman haha! Kung hindi dahil kay Weendy na kapatid ni Reina, hindi siguro kami nailibre noon!

Take note kung magkano lang ang dala kong pera: PhP36! Haha! Pamasahe ko lang iyon!

At marami rin kaming nakitang alumna ng GJC, anjan iyong Faith last year at iyong Faith last, last year. (IV-Honesty kami, 2nd section. 1st section ang Faith.) Lima lang kaming Honesty na nandoon, ako, si KP, si Reina, si Karlo at si Romar.

At diyan nagtatapos ang Pagdiriwang ng Araw ng mga Nagkakaisang Bayan ng Kolehiyo ng Heneral de Jesus.

HS friends.. I am missing them!

Simula fourth year kami noon, ramdam ko na na me taning na (hindi buhay, bakero!) ang mga araw na pagsasamahan naming magkakaibigan. Nakakalungkot isipin pero iyon ang totoo.

Marami akong mami-miss… Anjan iyong pag me chocolate si Karen, si Kate o si Rhoane or minsan (as in once in a blue moon) ako ng chocolate from abroad e nagkakagulo. Para bang first time naming makakita ng imported chocolates. Pag me pagkain ang isa, be a snack or Cream-O, nauubos ng humihingi. Tas anjan rina ng lines na, “Painom nga ako, KP/Trix/Kate/Sophie, nauuhaw na ako e.” at “Kate, libre mo ako ng French fries!”

Pag binabatuk-batukan ako ni Karlo, ang aming “chained-arms” twing recess, ang kwentuhan to the max ng kunga anu-ano, at ang pagtawag niya sa akin ng lande, landuchi, bruha, arte, etc (In fact, ako ang unang tumawag sa kanya ng mga katagang iyon!). Hindi ko rin makakalimutan ang kanyang “ginintuang aral” na itinuro niya sa akin. e.g. magpa-kyut sa lalaki. (sa totoo lang hindi ko kaya iyon, at hinding-hindi mangyayari iyon dahil isa akong Dalagang Filipina. Haha!)

Ang pagbabasa ng Stallion Series ay isa pa. Isa iyong component sa matatag na samahan namin nina Czacza at Thea. Paunahan kasi kaming matapos ang isang buong series noon. 53 books iyon and so far, nakaka-52 na ako. Haha! Pareho kami ni Czacza!

Ang pagbo-boy hunting nina Sophie, Kat, Jhenny at Meng na kadalasan e sumasama ako para lang sa “entertainment.” Natatawa kasi ako sa expressions nila pag nakakita ng “pogi.” (Sa school namin, wala akong natipuhan. Walang “head-turner” para sa akin.) Then there was this time, nagpasama sa akin si Kat na kunin ang number ng college student/heartthrob (raw) ng school na si Fernan! (I call him Bratz, kasi ayun sa chika, naglalaro raw iyon ng Bratz.) Talagang sinundan pa namin si Fernan para lang sa number niya! Kala ko nga ako ang kukuha ng number noon e pero hindi ko ginawa, I was just an audience.

Then iyong “away-bati” relationship nina Sophie at Kat or ni Almarie. Basta pag kaaway si Kat, one of the reasons is LALAKI, pag si Almarie, misunderstanding.
Ang kwentuhan namin nina KP, Kate, Sophie, Tweezy, Rhoane at Reina tungkol sa kung anu-ano under the sun.

Sino ba naman ang makakalimot sa fiesta. I created this quote describing us, “Habang tumatagal, lalong kumakapal (ang mukha).” Kasi kahit kaninong bahay basta kainan, game kami diyan! Haha!

Tas ang pagtambay namin ni KP sa room 105, ang room ng Faith (section one: Kate, Trixy, Rhoane) twing uwian. Tas pagkalabas nina Trixy, sasayawan ko siya ng aking inihandang “katutubong-sayaw” alay para kay “Apong Tweezy.” Tas ko-comment-an nila ako ng “Yuck!” “Tumigil kla na, maawa ka sa amin!”

Tas twing sisinga ako ng sipon o uubo (sipunin at ubuhin ako), sasabihin nila, “Cye, tinamaan ako ng baril/kanyon/bomba mo. Ouch!”
At sa aming mahabang paglalakbay tungo sa Malapit, San Isidro (sa boundary lang kami no, doon kami kadalasan naga-abang ng jeep pauwi). Na kadalasan e mga 7 na kami nakakauwi ng bahay.

Ang pag-papartner ni Karen kina KP at Trixy na ayon sa dalawa e hindi sila talo. Kinakantahan pa nga ni Karen si Trixy, “Oh, ilaw sa gabing madilim!”

Ang pags-sparring namin ni Karen twing uwian.

Then pag nasa Eastern Gasoline Station na kami nina KP at Trixy. (doon ang stop namin pareho ni KP, naiiwan kasi si Trixy mag-isa, as in siya na lang ang pasahero, kaya tina-transfer siya sa ibang jeep.) Laging phenomenal sa amin nina KP iyon, ayaw kasi ni Trixy na tina-transfer! E madilim na iyong uwi namin. Kaya ayan, lagi kaming tawa ng tawa pag nata-transfer si Trixy.

At higit sa lahat, ang pagba-bonding namin ni Kate, kung saan-saan. Lagi niya ako napapagastos, no matter how frugal I am.

Ilan lang iyan sa mga moments na nami-miss ko twing college. Maybe you are asking, “Huwat?! Intro lang iyan?” Depende, tol. Haha!

Nang mag-college ako, I was so lonely. Wala kasi akong friend sa AdU. Meron na nga akong new set of friends but there was still loneliness. I can’t show the real me around them. I can’t link arms with them. I can’t call them names. I can’t tell them “emergency! Bili mo ako ng ano.” I can’t glomp them.
In other words, I barricaded myself. Mas emo na ata ako ke KON. Haha! I once again trapped myself inside a shell.
I miss them like crazy! I call them when I got the opportunity, madalas conference. I text them too. Kaya nga lagi akong naka-Immortal e, para anytime, pede. Iba talaga ang high school friends sa college friends!
(Author’s Note:
Pagpasensyahan mo na po ang author, nage-emote lang. Haha!)

Ang Mahiwagang Litrato… Bow

May assignment kami sa Sining sa Pakikipagtalastasan, in short, Filipino. Iyon ay ang magdala ng mahiwagang 1×1 picture at index card. Binigay iyon noong Tuesday, June 29, 2010.

Dumating na ang araw na dapat e ipapasa na namin ang picture at index card. July 1, 2010. Umaga noon at syempre, like the usual, nakatsinelas ako pagpasok at nagpapalit ng sapatos sa gate. Nang nakapasok na ako, nakita ko sina Eloi at Roselle, my blockmates. Uminom ako sa “forbidden” drinking fountain kasi may sipon ako, kaya bawal. (shh! Paalala po, wag na wag pong iinom sa drinking fountains ng AdU kung nainuman na siya ni Cye. It might give you a cold virus.) Tas nakasalubong namin ang male blockmates namin together with Regine, at siya lang ang babae sa grupong iyon.
Me: (to Regine) Anu meron?
Regine: Ha? Picture sa Filipino.
Me: Shoot! Sabi na nga ba e may nakalimutan ako bukod sa tissue e!
Regine: E di sumama ka na.
Me: Iaakyat ko pa ang gamit ko. (kaliwat kanan ang hawak ko, T-square, etc.)
Regine: Wag na!

So naglakad kami papunta ng University Store sa labas ng AdU, ung papuntang SM Manila. Nagtanong ako kina Japo, my blockmate, kung saan sila magpapa-print ng picture. Sabi niya, magpapa-photocopy raw sila. I thought it was colored so I jonied. That’s WHAT I thought.

Natatawa ako nang naipa-photocopy na. Black and White. Para kaming wanted criminals. Take note: Iyong ID namin ang pina-photocopy. Filipino time na. Naipasa na namin ang index card. Inaabangan ko ang magiging reaction ni Ma’am. Haha!
Mark (seatmate ko): Mukhang nailigtas tayo ng photocopy ah.
Me: Tama! Haha! Sana tanggapin.
Teacher: O, iyong mga walang pictures, wag magpasa, sa susunod na lang. *scans the index cards one by one* O, bat photocopy ito? o, , ikaw rin? Hala, andami niyo! Para kayong mga kriminal. *tawanan buong klase*
Me: (to Mark) Patay tayo haha!
Mark: Kala ko naisave na tayo ng xerox na yan.
Teacher: *continues scanning* O, Cyrille, nakisali ka pa sa mga lalaking ito!

Grabe, nakakahiya. Hahahahaha!
Kaechosan na naman.

Orgs pt 1.5.1 (with Trixy)

Kanina lang e naka-text ko si Apong Tweezy or “popularly” known as Trixy. Ako lang ang malakas ang loob na tumawag sa kanya noon.

Napag-usapan na naman namin ang orgs… Dahil sa madaldal ako.
Me: Hey, kasali ako sa orgs sa amin, Math at Japan. Ikaw? Ano org diyan?
Trixy: Anak Bayan, Gabriela. Puro activists yan.
Me: Gawa ka ng orgs! Like Tribunit, Tribugay, La Federacion, Lilang Langit, Segunda Katigbak, KingKong!
Trixy: Ew!
Me: Naku si Karen (tibo naming kaibigan) e sa La Federacion at Lilang Langit! Bakla rin iyon! Mas malandi pa kay KP iyon!
Trixy: Naku magwawala si KP niyan! Magkakaroon ng bagong alamat, “Barney and Goliath”
Me: Haha! Barney and Goliath? E si Tupe (classmate namin ng high school na, ugh. Basta, kadiri) at si Karen iyon eh!
Trixy: Si Karen? Barakong Bakla iyon!
Me: Naku salamat sa aking mahiwagang radar at na-detect nito ang tinatago ng baklang iyan! Nagiging bakla iyon pag gabi! Presidente iyan ng La Federacion!
Trixy: Hahaha! Sila ang “Dragong Bakla at Barakong Bakla”
Me: hahaha! Pampelikula! Pag gagawa sila ng Tagalog action movie, ito ang pamagat: “Diligan mo ng Suka ang Uhaw na Lumpia” (credits to Dennis Padilla, narinig ko siya sa Wowowee)
Trixy: Ito pa “Manggang Maasin sa Bagoong Ako’y Namnamin” haha!
Me: Haha! Sequel ng pelikula nila! Gawan pa namin ng title!
Trixy: Haha! Sige ito pa: “Lalaking Magiting Ikaw pala ay Bading”

Haha! Uto talaga kami.