Accidental Encounters Pt. 1

Accidental encounters…

I was in grade school that time. The time when I was still a feminist and doesn’t like interaction between boys and when alternating seats was a punishment.
We went to Megamall to buy stuffs. I was with my family that time. We were in the department store. I guess it was on sale that time so there are huge crowds.

Dad (or Mum) was dragging me when a guy about my age surprised me with, “Wah!” He, I as I remembered, was tall, cute and had cute Japanese eyes. He was hiding in the clothes and did that. His arms were open. Cute. Just imagine a person surprise you. That’s it. But a random boy surprise a feminist like that? I gave him a cold suspicious stare.

I was a freshman in college that time. I was still riding LRT to go home. (If you call that a home.) I was at EDSA station in a long queue inserting their LRT cards (again. Well, commuters in EDSA are highly concentrated. Hahaha) when a tall, fair-skinned, cute boy with Japanese-like eyes who was wearing a white shirt that time says sorry to a man like a, well, a Japanese or Korean. And he had that apologetic smile to die for. Kyaaa~ Hahaha I tried to follow him but he got away. Dang it! Hahaha I wish to see him again whoever he is and be my friend. Chos!

Too bad I never saw these two boys again.

Bad luck Cye.


Second Sem, First Day (freshie days)

Ayun, simula na naman ng bagong semestre. Tapos na ang isang buwang sem break. Kainis. Bitin.
Sa totoo lang ayaw ko pang pumasok nun, parang ngayon. (winter break na patapos na) Ewan ko ba, hindi ako ganun ka-excited pumasok. Siguro kasi iiwanan ko na uli ang dapat iwanan… TV, books, manga. Higit sa lahat eh mawawala na uli ako sa comfort zone.
The day before the semester opened, Mum left me in the dorm… ALONE. Wala pa si KP kasi the next, next day pa siya.
The next morning, pasukan na. Maaga ako gumising para unahan ang mga kapwa ko tenants sa boarding house (actually, boarding house talaga siya, since mas maikling sabihin ang dorm, e dorm na lang. It’s a lame excuse i know.) Then, off to go!
Same building, same floor. Nagpunta na ako sa CS 406. Okay, as expected, maaga ako nakarating, together with early birds. May kaunting hindi kakilala, siguro dalawa sila and the rest were my classmates last sem. Syempre kumustahan portion.
Out of 40 students, 14 lang ang nakapag-enroll sa block CE101. Out of 10 biological girls(I need to say biological. Pardon me.), only 4 made it.

Tas dumating na ang mga guro… Okay naman ang mga prof ko. Kaso ung isa kong prof, nagbabalik. Ung subject pa namang iyon eh ang pinakamababa ko. Ang isa sa mga subjects na masinsinan kong nire-review ngunit patapon ang grado nung hayskul: Filipino. Haha!

Tas ang pinakaayaw ko sa unang araw ng pasukan e nangyari na naman. Iyon e ang CLASS INTRODUCTION. For goodness sake, college na kami! Hindi elementary! Sa English namin unang ginawa iyon. Ayon sa aming propesor, nararapat lamang na extemporaneous (not impromptu, kasi she gave us the details of what to say) ang aming sasabihin. Tas ayun, me dapat pa raw sabihin na “motto.” (Reminds me of Wowowee)
Me, panicked, for I couldn’t think of one though I had bunch of those in my notebook. My friend gave me one. He saved me! Haha! I actually screwed introducing myself. It’s evident, they laughed! What did I say? Some punks! Noong time naman ng Filipino, ang prof namin e sabi sa aming block e kami raw ang “survivors” sa kanyang subject which is true. Maraming bagsak dun sa Filipino! Lucky me I didn’t fail!

At doon nagtatapos ang first day ng second sem ko sa paaralan.

UAAP Season 73 (Aug. 5, 2010)

(This is originally my reaction paper for Physical Education as a requirement for preliminary grade. And since I forgot my supposed-to-be-draft, here I am, thinking of what happened on that day. Here it goes:)

As a student of Adamson University, I was lucky to watch University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) Season 73 at Araneta Coliseum. And that’s my favorite part.

UAAP Season 73 Ticket

This ticket was kinda ruined by the careless officer in the gate!

As I, together with my classmates, set foot to Araneta Colishum (that’s how my prof in PE pronounces “Coliseum”), I saw only two colors, blue (AdU) and red (UE).

Well the first game was of AdU Soaring Falcons and UE Red Warriors; the second game was of ADMU Blue Eagles and UP Fighting Maroons, anyway.

As we entered the Coliseum, the roaring students overwhelmed me. Men, they’re cheering on the top of their lungs! Not to mention the earsplitting drumbeats of, of course, drummers of each team. Whoa! I felt like joining them.

We seated on the upper box-b near the thunderous beats of their drums. Yeah, it was deafening at first, but when you got used to it, it’s not blaring anymore. Trust me. 🙂

I noticed that both schools gave their all in cheering, for they were both answering each other’s cheers. Say, it was like a debate or Balagtasan. When my classmates started yelling, (yes, yelling, as in cheering or better yet, shouting) I started to yell on the top of my lungs.

Since I was kind of snob during my first months, (yes, I WAS, I’m inept to crowds or strangers. I think I’m demophobic.) I didn’t talk to them that much. But because of the overwhelming cheering crowds, I was at ease and yelled on the top of my lungs, liver and intestines until I ran out of voice! I rested for a while for the game wasn’t starting yet.

Then the game started. AdU scored 2-points first! Yay! Every time AdU scores or our player held the ball, I could’t help but yell, scream, and shout! Men, I never felt this ecstatic before for a basketball game, really.

AdU won, of course, with a score of — *I forgot, sorry. Hehe*

After the game, both schools sang their respective school hymns. I proudly sang Adamson Hymn, head held high!

After that was ADMU, my favorite, and UP’s turn. I noticed, since I was next to Atenistas, that most of them occupied the front seats which were prone to “accidents” like ball hitting an audience or two. Something like that.
Man, I could feel the difference between our statuses! If I were to be a scholar in Ateneo or La Salle, I’m sure, my life’s going to be like Boys over Flowers without F4 (though I hope there was). I’m in my threadbare backpack, they are in their Louie Vuitton bags. I eat my “baon” or budget meal worth the cheapest price in canteen or outside the campus, they eat French cuisine that I never heard of.
While I was in my PE uniform, the Atenistas were in their signature or branded “civilian” clothes. That’s reality, peep. I was out-of-place! So hierarchy exists?

With that thought, I turned to the UP’s side just in front of us “Atenistas”. Oh, they weren’t that supportive of their team. There were approximately less than one-fourth of the upper box-b “cheering” for their players. And of course, they were scattered, most were occupying upper box-b.

Then, before the first half ended, I went around the circular corridor. And then, I saw the Ateneo Souvenirs Stall. I saw T-shirts, caps, and other keepsakes for a high-price (for me). And I saw a key chain of it for only PhP60!!! Gosh! I wanted it badly! But then, I was in a state wherein I was outta cash! Unlucky me!

It’s already getting rush hour! The horror! The horror! Although it was already the horrifying rush hour, I boarded that stupid train… And as expected, I was sandwiched between workers and students. Poor me. 😦

But the best part was I got a souvenir!!! Haha! Aside form the ticket that was partly ruined by the officer, of course! (but I want the ADMU one!)

Food (the college version~)

Pagkain… masarap kumain. Sino’ng hypocrite ang ayaw ng pagkain? Malamang iyong mga die-hard magpapayat kaya me ulcer or worse, anorexia.

Noong high school ako, P25 ang isang student meal. Sa baon kong 80 (noong senior ako, hindi citizen, sapakin kita eh. Haha!) at sa kuripot kong ito, hindi ko afford ang P25 na araw-araw. Sa P40 ba naman e ipanghuhulog ko sa “pasikipan” (sariling version ko ng paluwagan, hindi kasi siya nakakaluwag sa bulsa, nakakasikip..). In other words, nagbabaon ako. Tutal masarap naman magluto si Mama at marami pa ang ulam, o ha? Nakakasave pa ako ng P20 a day. Bumibili kasi ako ng kanin eh.

Ngayong college, since hindi na ako makakapagbaon ng food with TLC ni Mama dahil nasa NE siya at inaalagaan ang mga pasaway kong mga kapatid. At dahil doon, nabawasan si Mama ng isang palamunin (ako iyon! haha!).

In fairness, nag-improve ang baon ko. Mula sa P80, ngayon P200 na! Alam ko sinasabio mo na malaki ang baon ko pero nagkakamali ka, pare. Sa pamasahe ko ba naman sa LRT, MRT at jeep na alanganing P80 balikan… Tas maraming kaek-ekan kasi pag college ka na. (Swerte mo pag HS or Elem ka pa lang. At least may ideya ka.) Me orgs, may photocopies, may pagkain, temptations, gala, and the like.

Ito na ang punto ko: PAGKAIN. Oo, masarap kumain and I am a glutton myself. But not that much. I am limiting myself to eating much because I wanna attend an event this year (2010). Sa kolehiyo (lalo na kung ikaw ay galing sa prestihiyosong paaralan, i.e. mga unibersidad o kolehiyo na kasali sa UAAP or NCAA), you can say the meal is scrumptious. I mean, REAL SCRUMPTIOUS. As in delectable. Of course if the meal’s yummy, the price is high. Ayun ang masakit! Tagos oh! Anchakit! Anchakit sa bulsa!

Dito sa Adamson (AdU), I recommend yung canteen sa OZ Building. So far, ayun ang heaven, ang sarap ng pagkain doon. Pero hell sa init pag natapat ka sa counter. Bale, iyon ang university version ng Sizzling Plate sa food courts ng SM. Noong second day (noong first day ko kasi sa SM Manila ako bumili ng pagkain, P39ers pa. Haha!), together with my blockmates, sa OZ Canteen. Pagkapasok namin, I was in awe. Andaming tao eh. (Galing kasi ako sa bundok, sorry, ngayon lang nakakita ng tao haha!) Tas ayun nga, sizzling plate ang drama ng canteen na iyon. So mainit, pag nasa harapan ka ng counter. Pumila na kami then I was looking for the cheapest food in the menu: Burger Steak P45. OUCH!

I had no choice, P45 kung P45. Sige na nga! Alangan namang maghanap pa ako sa iba, tutal hindi pa ako ganun ka-acquainted sa mga lugar roon. So ayan, wala na, naka-order na ako ng makasalanang pagkain. Ang pinakamura, the Burger Steak. Ayan, nasa counter ako, shoot, ang inet. Ina-absorb ko halos ang usok at init! >_<

Ayan, I was down to the last stage. Ibinigay na sa akin ang food. In fairness malaki compared sa nabibili ko sa Jabi at McDo. Tas may ibingay sa amin na iced tea. Buti na lang iced tea kasi pag softdrinks malamang binigay ko na un sa kung sinuman ang katabi ko that time. Buti na lang at kasama un sa binayaran kong 45. Yay!

Tas kumain na ako, huwaw! Heaven! I missed my Mom's cooking in an instant, pero mas masarap ang kay Mama, iba pa rin ang may TLC.

Kung sa tingin mo e nakakataba ang pagkain sa college, well tama ka, tol. Pero kung kasabay naman noon e pag-aaral, at pag-commute sa LRT at MRT, wala rin ang kinain mo, dude!

Sa ngayon, may natagpuan na naman kaming bagong canteen sa AdU, ang CS Canteen. Mas oks pa rin sa OZ Canteen! Ang binibili ko doon ay ang cheapest, the burger na P15, of course tas iced tea na 15 Pesos.