Shorts: Entry 19 – Chances

Have you taken for granted that second chance given to you?

If you did, you messed up. Big time. 

Chances given are so rare you should treasure it.

One is forgiven for the huge error he did. He’s lucky if he were given a second chance to patch it up. Very, very lucky. 

For one to commit the same mistake again is unworthy of chances. Ever. 


The Late-Night Post: Entry 12 – Ninja Cutting Onions!

Lately, all I do is cry at manga and anime. Not those drama shoujo or josei ones but SHOUNEN! Not just shounen, but mainstream shounen!

I’ve read Naruto and Gintama. I just watched the anime Gintama covering the Shogun Assassination Arc before I write this post. But meh. Hahaha!


In Naruto, I cried at:

1. Jiraiya-sensei’s death

2. Itachi’s death and his tragic past

3. Minato’s meeting with Naruto whilst showing 8 tails

4. Kushina’s death while telling baby Naruto her final words

5. From Naruto: Road to Ninja, Naruto yearning to meet his family

6. From The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata and Naruto’s wedding!

7. Of course, Iruka-sensei’s acknowledgment of Naruto as Konohagakure’s shinobi
In Gintama, there were lots of it while you least expect it because of its gags. Since I basically grew up while reading and watching it, I’ll just list the latest arc I’ve watched.

In the Shogun Assassination Arc, we’ve seen the old jouishishi war in which Gintoki, Takasugi, Katsura and Sakamoto participated. The three captured except Sakamoto who’s recuperating. Gintoki was forced to kill Shouyo-sensei in front of his friends, Takasugi and Katsura. Shouyo-sensei managed to say Gintoki his final words, “Thank you.”

At the end of the arc, when the war (present) was over, Shou-chan went to Kyo to build a new era that will benefit his citizens. At Kyo, he was poisoned by an old friend. His final moments were having Soyo-chan’s tea made for him and resting on her lap while the unsuspecting Soyo-chan stroke his head.

Yep. It was sad. Well, please ignore me. Hahaha. I am just reduced to a NEET now and my stories shared in my blog are mostly what NEETs and hikkikomori do–anime, manga, gaming.

Buuuut! I’ll cover what I did these past 7 months on my future posts. Hehehe! Ja!

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Yaaah. It has been a while since I had posted here on my puny blog. Seven months is waaaay too long. One would think this blogsite is done for.

Worry not, my cute lil refuge. Your useless owner had gone through a series of huge decision-making schemes!

What went through these past months ya ask? Well, there was the ominous licensure board exam for civil engineers and the whole job hunting I am still doing but not really doing because all I’ve done is waiting for the two companies I would like to work at. (Hello, running sentences I always am notorious at!)

After the board exam, I went home from the dormitory and held my phone, changed the wifi password, read “few” manga series I’ve left (about 20-30? No kidding!), watched anime and movies, and reactivated my facebook account.

I think my accomplishment, aside from getting my license, was to finish Naruto manga in two weeks. Yep, right from its first chapter to the final (chapter 700). I actually held myself back because I might finish it in 5 days. Hahaha! Naruto is my spirit animal. He is relatable and inspirational and kawaii. In short, my hero. Yay! (Ichigo-chan, don’t worry, I still love you lots!)

So, blog-chan, you have to bear with your stupid owner again! Hahaha

Mood Swing

WARNING! The following texts are some random deep shit observations of a lady during that time of the month.

Read at your own risk.

Understanding is apperciated.

Fuck this. Fuck that.

Why in the world do these scums get mad at those who do not give them alms?

Why the fuck do that young beggar bring her deformed baby asking for alms in the jeep?! Handicapped do their best at work so why can’t people like her work? She is much fortunate to have her body complete.

Damn that guy. I freaking hate him. I sat next to him to join our friends’ conversation but he turned his back. He created a fucking wall. I could not hear nor see my friends’ faces anymore. Damn that clueless, dumb, sluggish, old fart. I hate you! I felt like I had no freaking friends. Thanks for making me feel like a wallflower, fart head. Just a little more, I’ll snap and have your balls ripped. And then what? When we met in rest room, you opened up a conversation like you did nothing wrong.

That guy made me search the whole bookstore for fillers. The second I handed them to him, he changed his mind like a little bratty princess and switched to bond papers I suggested some time ago and thought it was his great idea. So I snapped and told him, “Nakakabwisit ka,” for the first time. That retard.

God, why always me? He never gave credits to my extensive efforts. Nor listened. Hmph.

A little more, I’ll snap.

Shorts: Entry 9 – Holding Hands

Whenever we walk side by side, our arms swinging, our hands slightly touch each other.

It was always like that.

I wanted to think that you want to hold my hand but you feel embarrassed so you just do that. “Accidentally” touching my hand whenever we walked.

Guess what? I am frigging willing!

Sometimes I just want to grab your hand and say, “Just take my freaking hand, you noob!”

But most of the time, I feel really conscious when we walk together and control my hand. It is just on you. I see you control yours, too. Or is it just me?

God, I am embarrassed!

So sometimes, I walk fast and go in front of you so I won’t “grab your hand.”

How sly of you.

You are sooo sly.

The Late-Night Post: Entry 5 – Do Not Butt In

I am not lenient when it comes to rumors about me and anyone going out or I like a certain someone or whatnot. I had a very bad experience with rumors and teasing from friends.

I had a friend from the opposite sex back then; we were close, really close, and we were “often mistaken” as a couple. Our friends noticed our unusual closeness and started teasing us of being a couple. My friend did not like it. I did not either. We knew each other’s dark sides so it was a no-no for us. Really. He actually made plans on how we get away with rumors. He called it issue, like a showbiz thing. I call it teasing. To end the teasing, I simply did not mind it. The teasing subsided however returned and the teasing was 10 times more grinding to our ears. He was offended. I was offended by being him offended. He set up limits. I felt uncomfortable. We had an on-off friendship. I asked my friends to stop it because our friendship was being affected. They did not listen; instead, they teased us more like high school kids. Finally, I ended our shitty friendship. It was not healthy anymore. It ruined me.

Fast forward to two years, I was separated from the gang. I did not have any close friends in my new classes. Then there was also another one who was like me — separated from friends. We became close from then on.


History is starting to repeat itself. We are being teased. I ask everyone to stop that nonsense because what happened two years back might happen again. I am actually thankful to his mature and dense sides. (Or I guess he knows and pretends not to know and let me respond to the teasing. Cruel. Hahaha.) He is really cool and I respect him a lot.

My friends are starting to get overboard, they actually tease me when he’s near. I avoid it too much. He is my only friend there.

I do not want to lose an important friend anymore. So to my friends who might read this: Scratch your arse. DO NOT BUTT IN!


I just found out where the SIM message archives are.

I read all the texts. It was like I time travelled to when I was 18 and 19. God, I realized how mature I think I thought I was. It was creepy and funny at the same time. I will never go back to the me before. Hahaha. I killed the sweet old me. I don’t like her honestly.

Honestly, I reread yours. It actually, embarrassingly made me smile and laugh. It reminded me of how close we used to be.

How silly we were.

How we knew each other’s secrets.

How frank we were with each other.

How we trusted each other.

How we cared for each other.

How many firsts I had experienced because of you with you.

I actually missed the old times. I had fun halfway.

The latter was bitter end.

The later messages reminded me of how I ended this shitty on-off “friendship”.

How much you hated us being paired.

How you “maturely” suggested that we would not mind it.

How in the end you tried to get “off-the-grid”.

How I did not mind it.
But in the end I did because YOU minded it.

How I desperately tried to fix the problem.

How much I cried because you said we could not be friends anymore.

How you told me I WAS THE PROBLEM.

How you told me that we should restart our friendship.

How skeptic I was about restarting.

How I told you, “I hope I won’t regret meeting you.”

How I lost “friends”.

How I started to cuss at every thing because fuck it.

How long I waited for explanations.

How my academics declined.

How I gave up waiting.

How much of an asshole you were.

How for the first time I loathed someone to the core.

How I thought you were such a huge dick with no balls. Pun intended.

How I was accused of being an unforgiving bitter bitch.

How I turned 180 degrees.

How hard to ignore rumors about me.

How hard to bury you alive.

How much I regretted ever befriending you.

How I started again.

How I stopped chasing happiness.

How I finally started smiling genuinely again.

How I found another set of friends.

How I “met” him.

How I changed for the better.

How I finally removed you. Entirely.

How one day, I would say to you, with a genuine smile plastered on my facade, “Thanks for being a lesson. I do not regret meeting you. Be happy. Thank you. Farewell, former friend!”

Thank you. Farewell.