The Late-Night Post: Entry 12 – Ninja Cutting Onions!

Lately, all I do is cry at manga and anime. Not those drama shoujo or josei ones but SHOUNEN! Not just shounen, but mainstream shounen!

I’ve read Naruto and Gintama. I just watched the anime Gintama covering the Shogun Assassination Arc before I write this post. But meh. Hahaha!


In Naruto, I cried at:

1. Jiraiya-sensei’s death

2. Itachi’s death and his tragic past

3. Minato’s meeting with Naruto whilst showing 8 tails

4. Kushina’s death while telling baby Naruto her final words

5. From Naruto: Road to Ninja, Naruto yearning to meet his family

6. From The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata and Naruto’s wedding!

7. Of course, Iruka-sensei’s acknowledgment of Naruto as Konohagakure’s shinobi
In Gintama, there were lots of it while you least expect it because of its gags. Since I basically grew up while reading and watching it, I’ll just list the latest arc I’ve watched.

In the Shogun Assassination Arc, we’ve seen the old jouishishi war in which Gintoki, Takasugi, Katsura and Sakamoto participated. The three captured except Sakamoto who’s recuperating. Gintoki was forced to kill Shouyo-sensei in front of his friends, Takasugi and Katsura. Shouyo-sensei managed to say Gintoki his final words, “Thank you.”

At the end of the arc, when the war (present) was over, Shou-chan went to Kyo to build a new era that will benefit his citizens. At Kyo, he was poisoned by an old friend. His final moments were having Soyo-chan’s tea made for him and resting on her lap while the unsuspecting Soyo-chan stroke his head.

Yep. It was sad. Well, please ignore me. Hahaha. I am just reduced to a NEET now and my stories shared in my blog are mostly what NEETs and hikkikomori do–anime, manga, gaming.

Buuuut! I’ll cover what I did these past 7 months on my future posts. Hehehe! Ja!

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The Late-Night Post

Every vacation, I have insomnia. Well everyone knows that modern kids have ’em. But I think I am kind of abnormal. I sleep at 4 in the morning. Roughly. The earliest is 3 AM and the worst was around 6 AM.

I have this phenomenon that before sleeping a flash flood of awesome ideas are circling around my head one after another in which I will forget the next day (or hour). I am not the only one, right? Everyone has!

And so as to not waste these ideas, I will just post it here since no one is actually reading this. If I got a reader or two, I might not post as deliberately as I did. Now, comment! Hahaha

So for my first entry, I become addicted to Chihayafuru. It is one of the reasons for keeping me from sleeping. It is about karuta, a Japanese game that requires memorizing and cramming. A player must be veeeery agile. A player must know the Hundred Poems since it plays a huge part in the game. Karuta is not played worldwide and just like what the character Wataya Arata said, “If you are the best in Japan, you are the best in the world.”

Seeing the series, I want to play karuta and understand the Hundred Poems. Their meanings are beautiful! Well I just know some of their meanings because it is stated in the series.

I like Arata for Chihaya but Taichi, I am developing for him! Kyaa~! *flowers*

I am finishing the first season so I am looking forward to second season.

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I have an appointment at 9 and have to wake up at 6. Man, I have less than 2 hours.


It is a short film preceding Wreck-It Ralph in cinemas. It is said that it was nominated for an Oscars award.

I came across this movie whilst scrolling down my facebook newsfeed. I watched it and it was cute and sweet and romantic. I dunno. I find it like that.

The black and white film and the traditional hand-drawn animation are awesome.

I couldn’t say more about this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

Paperman Full Movie

Read more movie news at:

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Track Four Point Five

I am getting addicted to American rock bands! Well, it was obvious if you’d read my previous Track Four post. So on my new list enter:

1. Panic! At the Disco – I stumbled upon this Hopeless Records band on YouTube while viewing All Time Low’s music videos. No one recommended me this band though like ATL; advertising did. I tried watching their newest music video on YouTube entitled “This is Gospel”. It was bloody EPIC!!! The MV and the song itself are addicting! “Miss Jackson” followed. I couldn’t help listening and singing along with PATD! Downloading their songs followed, “Nine in the Afternoon”, “The Green Gentleman”, “Bittersweet”, etc.
Panic! At the Disco

2. A Rocket to the Moon – It started when my brother played Baby Blue Eyes on his phone. About a year after that I got addicted, thanks to Mr. Right. Too bad that when they disbanded that I got hooked on all their songs. I had their entire discography on my player. They went to the Philippines together with other rock bands (All Time Low included) for an indoor rockfest, Bazooka Rocks 2, last August 25 at SMX Convention, Mall of Asia. I couldn’t come. </3
I could almost afford the bloody ticket!!! I had no one to go with and enjoy the music. Another circumstance contradicted with me attending. We had 20-km walk survey for our Highway Engineering subject. I was in Laguna that time. </3
How could I miss it! ATL was there too!!! I was sulking the whole day.

3. Mayday Parade – Black Cat is my most favorite song of MP. I copied the entire discography. Due to our PC being down, I couldn't listen to them. But I downloaded some of their songs. I am starting to like them. Hehehe
Btw, MP's version of "Somebody that I Used to Know" with Vic Fuentes is better than the original!!!

(BTW, I really like this MV. Hehehe it really is a must-watch! XD)

4. The All-American Rejects – Happy Endings is my fave from them. I just came across them when I still had the Bazooka Rocks 2 (link) hangover in Twitter albeit I didn't come. I downloaded some of their songs.

5. Fall Out Boy – I actually like their Save Rock and Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles series that is why I like them. Some say ATL ripped them off! No, they did not!

Should you want to watch the whole series, watch it
Fall Out Boy

Long before American bands, I used to be addicted to Japanese rock bands/artists.

1. SCANDAL – four cool girls sporting uniforms. They are the epitome of Girl Power.
They've done OSTs of famous anime like Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

2. UVERworld – I don't know about them much but I just like their songs from anime.

(OMG! Super love this song! <3)

3. Kiyoharu – his voice is one of the coolest ones I've heard! I discovered him through watching Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Perfect Girl Evolution, alternatively, The Wallflower) as he did the opening and the first ending of the anime, Slow and Carnation. He is the ultimate idol of the series' mangaka.

He looks goddamn good! <3 Too good for thirties!

He looks goddamn good! ❤
Too good for thirties!

(I love this song soooo much! Most of you would think that this PV is weird. Hehehe)

As for my Filipino new favorite band, Kamikazee hits it. My favorite, strangely enough, was Seksi Seksi. Sorry, I just can't help singing and listening to it. It is so catchy. Hahahaha

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First semester ended, so did the month-long sembreak.
My dad finally decided to let me live in a dorm. Yes, DORM. Luckily, my friend, KP, agreed to share a room with me so it’d be convenient for us to study.

The boarding house’s hallways were about a meter and too crowded due to the shoe racks of the tenants. Our room was located on the third floor.

I was expecting the rooms were tidy and spacious enough for PhP4000. I, I mean, we were surprised to see the room. It was about 1.5mX1m. Our rest room was way larger than that one. It’s like we’re in a pigpen. The room has no windows with one ceiling fan and a double-deck bed. The bed I’m talking about was about 5″3′, the same height as mine.

During the night time, we need not turn on the lights for the rooms next to us are sort of giving us light as if in a tunnel. Another problem were the bathrooms. The bathroom on the 2nd floor was spacious yet lacked water supply when the other restrooms used water. The restrooms on the first floor, when the other is used, say, when you pour a bucket of water in the toilet, the other will react. The water poured will go to the other toilet! As in it will flow like a lava!!! It’s kind of creepy, but you can cope with it unless you’re squeamish.
Another was the odor. You could smell your neighbor’s fried anchovies when they fried it INSIDE their room! We had to endure it for hours. Remember that our room has no windows. The hallways smelled of stray cats.
The front door was not a problem. The problem was the tenants’ oblivion. The instant they forgot to lock the door, an infiltrator might invade our rooms and steal our belongings! It almost happened twice!!!
Oh, and speaking of infiltrators, I’d met them. They were Dodi and Roach. Dodi, the mice (yes, it is a collective name for me. All mice are Dodi. Whereas Roach is obviously all roaches.), invaded my FOOD SUPPLY!!! Roach is in the first floor, on the hallways and on the restrooms.
I think the good points living in a dorm were:
1. It is near my school.
2. The caretakers are kind.
3. (THE BEST) It is near SM City Manila!!!

If I were not in the mood to do anything in the room, I just went to SM Manila, particularly National Bookstore to read books. Hehe.

UAAP Season 73 (Sept. 12, 2010)

Cheerdance Competition, it is something to look forward to every intramurals. When I was in high school, my friends and I used to go to school early to reserve seats on the staircase to the third floor library. We were prohibited to watch on the rooftop. That part of the event was always blockbuster.

I was lucky to be one of the enthusiasts to watch such an event as big as University Athletic Association of the Philippines. The week before, I invited my beloved friends from high school who studied in Manila to watch UAAP Cheerdance Competition live at Araneta “Colishum” (instead of Coliseum. Man, i love poking fun at this! Haha!). Only one responded, that was KP.

Six days before the said event, I went to the PE Dept. to buy tickets. But my PE prof said it was available on Wednesday. Then Wednesday came. But our prof said it was SOLD-OUT! But we said even general admission tickets were fine. Then our prof sold us those “hidden” tickets.

The event came. I came from Nueva Ecija that time. I waited for KP at the Tayuman Station (LRT). After several minutes, KP came. Antagal niya as always! Haha!

Then we went to Araneta early, however the crowd told us we’re late! I peeked on the tickets’ prices. Wow! They were more than twice the original price! I’m telling ya, even the rich Atenistas and La Sallites bought General Admission tickets!

UAAP Cheer Dance Competition 2010 Ticket

Ang pogi kong ticket. Kahit mura iyan, sold-out iyan!

As we entered, blood came rushing through my veins! I was that excited that time! The General Admissions corridor is much different from the usual corridor. You couldn’t see food stalls there. *sighs*

We entered the first entrance we saw. Whoa! We barely saw anything! It was full of Tomasians (UST students)! Then we went to the second one, it was full of La Sallites! Then the third, it was full of Peyups (UP)! The view was kinda okay. We saw some of the court. We heard that on the next one, the views were fine. So we went there. We had no idea it was the AdU’s spot! Haha!

Even though I’m an Adamsonian, I went there to watch the phenomenal UST’s piece. They have the legendary Salinggawi Dance Troupe!!! (FEU was the champion last year.) So, we cheered for “uste”, as we fondly call it.

University of the East (UE) Pep Squad started. Followed by (not in chronological order though, I forgot, sorry) the 2009 1st runner-up, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Blue Babble Battalion, De La Salle University (DLSU) Animo Squad, University of Santo Tomas (UST) Salinggawi Dance Troupe, Far Eastern University (FEU) Cheering Squad, University of the Philippines (UP) Pep Squad, Adamson University (AdU) Pep Squad, and National University (NU) Pep Squad.

The Salinggawi Dance Troupe’s routine was breathtaking! Their uniform’s cute! Even their props were. I barely blinked an eye! I love it! So much! For you to agree with me, watch this:

FEU’s routine was another one. But I prefer USTe’s hehe.

UP’s oriental-inspired routine was–wow! Still, USTe pa rin! Haha!

At the end, the results were:

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2010 Results:
Champion: University of the Philippines (UP) Pep Squad
1st runner-up: The Far Eastern University (FEU) Cheering Squad
2nd runner-up: University of Santo Tomas (UST) Salinggawi Dance Troupe
Samsung Stunner Award: Nikka de Dios(DLSU)


What an exhilarating experience! I love it! SOOO MUCH though USTe didn’t win! I’m looking forward to next year!

Lost? All because of the Search Engine

Napansin ko lang ah. Maraming naliligaw rito sa site ko, literally. Paano kasi ung top search e ung “Evolution of Man” ko. Unintentional naman talaga ang paglagay ko noon bilang title ng pahina ko. Malay ko bang maliligaw sila roon? Natutuwa kasi ako sa connotation ko sa Evolution of Man ni Sir Darwin. Haha! Ewan ko ba kung ano napulot nila run. Hindi nila siguro alam iyong “I’m feeling lucky” button ng Google! Haha! (Natutuhan ko lang iyong “i’m feeling lucky” button dahil kay Chuck Norris!)

Siguro pag napunta na sila sa site ko, puro swear words na ang maririnig mo! Haha! Siguro nagre-research sila para sa school work nila. Haha! Ganun rin naman ako eh. Kaso, hindi mo ako maririnig na magsasalita ng swear words. Promise! Ang maririnig mo lang, “Bwisit!” Haha! Iyon at iyon lang.

-wa kwents na naman tinatype ko haha!