Shorts: Entry 19 – Chances

Have you taken for granted that second chance given to you?

If you did, you messed up. Big time. 

Chances given are so rare you should treasure it.

One is forgiven for the huge error he did. He’s lucky if he were given a second chance to patch it up. Very, very lucky. 

For one to commit the same mistake again is unworthy of chances. Ever. 


Shorts: Entry 18 – It Happens in Real Life

Fiction is sometimes inspired by what may happen in reality, exaggerated for entertainment. 

I though it would never happen to me. But it did. Twice.

As they say, what happen once will happen twice and definitely thrice. 


I do not need that kind of negativity.

Shorts: Entry 17 – SNS

I wanna work.

Scratch that.

I need money. I want to expand my knowledge.

Seriously, it is ridiculous how my world momentarily stopped expanding because I still anxiously am waiting for those endless job application interviews.

It is frustrating seeing my peers posting their “accomplishments” in social media. It bears envy.

Like every teenager who frequents in Starbucks just to take a photo of her frappuccino and upload it to social media to show the world they are an elite, it feels like bragging rights. There’s nothing to see.

That’s why I temporarily stopped browsing SNS.

Meh. Who cares?

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Shorts: Entry 15

Months ago, due to my envy towards my friends having someone to spend Christmas and Valentine’s with, or simply having treat them somewhere nice – In short, a boyfriend – I posted here in a Late-Night Post that I want one.

Now I don’t.

I realized I don’t need one.

I just need my 2D boyfriends with me and I’ll be fine. Manga and Anime ftw! Nyahahaha!

Oi! Your otaku spirit’s takin’ ya over, Cye-kun! Get a hold of yarself! Ya’ll be free of your hikkikomori (shut-in) lifestyle soon! Get a work!