Shorts: Entry 19 – Chances

Have you taken for granted that second chance given to you?

If you did, you messed up. Big time. 

Chances given are so rare you should treasure it.

One is forgiven for the huge error he did. He’s lucky if he were given a second chance to patch it up. Very, very lucky. 

For one to commit the same mistake again is unworthy of chances. Ever. 


Dream House

I bet all of us has his own version of a dream house.

A mansion with balcony plus an olympic-sized pool inside Forbes Park? Don’t ever forget the garage.

But this is not what I actually wanted.

I have a plan (drawing) in mind but I won’t post it here. Lololol (Yeah, I have not drawn it!)

My dream home would be a Baroque-Japanese style. I still do not know how to fuse them but I would love to have the sliding door. Hahahaha! I know it is very unlikely to have a sliding door in Baroque architecture. 

Let’s skip that and go straight to ze rooms!

Of course there’d be the typical bedrooms, living room, dining area, kitchen, bathrooms. What I want are something unusual. Surreal? Nah. Maybe I watched too much of Cartoon Network’s shows.

In short, I want:

  • Library/Study – it doesn’t have to be as huge as that in Beast’s castle in Beauty and the Beast. I just want to have a decent shelves for my beloved books.
  • Laboratory – because I envy Dexter’s huge lab.
  • Toy Room – dedicated to my toy collection!
  • Karaoke Room – I spent too much lunch money for KTV’s at Metrowalk and Karaoke Hub in SM Manila. So I want one.
  • Theater – a projector plus white wall plus very comfy couch. And a bunch of external HDDs. 
  • Onsen – I am not fond of pools. I would design it as closely as that in Japan.
  • Studio – for my crafts, invetions and stuffs.

So this is what I pictured to have when I finally settle down. Huehuehue. Probably I would just revamp the future existing house we’d have. 

The Late-Night Post: Childhood Friends

In every romance story I read or watch, the element that never fails to make my heart go doki doki is that the hero and heroine are childhood friends.

Yes, I am a sucker for childhood-friends theme!

Maybe because we often change neighborhoods so I never got the chance to have my dream childhood friends romance. Not like I experience any kind of real romance though. *cries in a corner*

It’s just that. It’s flawless IMO.

Look. You’ve known each other since you were kids. So you know each other’s family. You can barge in each other’s room. You know each other’s quirks. Something like that.

Perfect examples are Special A, Last Game, Kakao 79%, and my current favorite, Wotaku ni Koii wa Muzukashii.

Well, out of whim, I told my best friends to live next each other and have my son/daughter be best friends with her daughter/son in the future and see it unfold. Hahaha

Shorts: Entry 15

Months ago, due to my envy towards my friends having someone to spend Christmas and Valentine’s with, or simply having treat them somewhere nice – In short, a boyfriend – I posted here in a Late-Night Post that I want one.

Now I don’t.

I realized I don’t need one.

I just need my 2D boyfriends with me and I’ll be fine. Manga and Anime ftw! Nyahahaha!

Oi! Your otaku spirit’s takin’ ya over, Cye-kun! Get a hold of yarself! Ya’ll be free of your hikkikomori (shut-in) lifestyle soon! Get a work!

The Late-Night Post: Entry 12 – Ninja Cutting Onions!

Lately, all I do is cry at manga and anime. Not those drama shoujo or josei ones but SHOUNEN! Not just shounen, but mainstream shounen!

I’ve read Naruto and Gintama. I just watched the anime Gintama covering the Shogun Assassination Arc before I write this post. But meh. Hahaha!


In Naruto, I cried at:

1. Jiraiya-sensei’s death

2. Itachi’s death and his tragic past

3. Minato’s meeting with Naruto whilst showing 8 tails

4. Kushina’s death while telling baby Naruto her final words

5. From Naruto: Road to Ninja, Naruto yearning to meet his family

6. From The Last: Naruto the Movie, Hinata and Naruto’s wedding!

7. Of course, Iruka-sensei’s acknowledgment of Naruto as Konohagakure’s shinobi
In Gintama, there were lots of it while you least expect it because of its gags. Since I basically grew up while reading and watching it, I’ll just list the latest arc I’ve watched.

In the Shogun Assassination Arc, we’ve seen the old jouishishi war in which Gintoki, Takasugi, Katsura and Sakamoto participated. The three captured except Sakamoto who’s recuperating. Gintoki was forced to kill Shouyo-sensei in front of his friends, Takasugi and Katsura. Shouyo-sensei managed to say Gintoki his final words, “Thank you.”

At the end of the arc, when the war (present) was over, Shou-chan went to Kyo to build a new era that will benefit his citizens. At Kyo, he was poisoned by an old friend. His final moments were having Soyo-chan’s tea made for him and resting on her lap while the unsuspecting Soyo-chan stroke his head.

Yep. It was sad. Well, please ignore me. Hahaha. I am just reduced to a NEET now and my stories shared in my blog are mostly what NEETs and hikkikomori do–anime, manga, gaming.

Buuuut! I’ll cover what I did these past 7 months on my future posts. Hehehe! Ja!

Posted at 4:15 AM.


Yaaah. It has been a while since I had posted here on my puny blog. Seven months is waaaay too long. One would think this blogsite is done for.

Worry not, my cute lil refuge. Your useless owner had gone through a series of huge decision-making schemes!

What went through these past months ya ask? Well, there was the ominous licensure board exam for civil engineers and the whole job hunting I am still doing but not really doing because all I’ve done is waiting for the two companies I would like to work at. (Hello, running sentences I always am notorious at!)

After the board exam, I went home from the dormitory and held my phone, changed the wifi password, read “few” manga series I’ve left (about 20-30? No kidding!), watched anime and movies, and reactivated my facebook account.

I think my accomplishment, aside from getting my license, was to finish Naruto manga in two weeks. Yep, right from its first chapter to the final (chapter 700). I actually held myself back because I might finish it in 5 days. Hahaha! Naruto is my spirit animal. He is relatable and inspirational and kawaii. In short, my hero. Yay! (Ichigo-chan, don’t worry, I still love you lots!)

So, blog-chan, you have to bear with your stupid owner again! Hahaha

Potpourri: 10 Facts about ME

1. The person I am crazy about most is Ed Sheeran.
– Like I fangirl in front of the telly if Ed is shown and “cried” when I didn’t attend his concert. So on his next local concert, I’d buy the VIP Pass because I am rich by that time.

2. I just learned to whistle and snap recently.
– At 20 years old. Yep.

3. I never finished any crossword puzzle.
– Though I am a huge puzzle geek.

4. I never “stalked” any of my (past and present) crushes’ wall on facebook or on any social networking sites because I lose heart to whatever I may see and get embarrassed.

5. My favorite clothing lines are Forever 21, H&M, Uniqlo, Pull and Bear, Candies but none of these are in my closet except Candies.
– Because damn, their clothes are kawaii.

6. My favorite scent is A Touch of Pink by Lacoste and J. Lo’s.
– Or I just love pink.

7. My favorite espresso is macchiato. Mocha is second place. Kapeng barako is third. No sugar.

8. I wanted to receive a cactus in a pot instead of flowers. Or flowers in a pot.
– Because cacti live longer.

9. My fashion icon is Wang Ji Won.
– My girl crush, btw.

10. I want to be a brain surgeon.
– But I was discouraged by a friend. So it will just be a hobby. No, I’ll just read about neurology.