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The Late-Night Post: Entry 11 – Goodbye to You

For you, I am just a word on your sentence.
I am just a mere word in your paragraph.

A single word you never knew a part of your story.

That very word you will forget or will never recognize its worth once you finished using it.

But, meh.

I do not regret ever meeting you.

Thanks for all the lessons and memories you shared with me.

Now I am a sentence. Maybe not for you but for myself.

Your chapter with me is finished. No goodbyes nor see-you-agains. I must do the same.

I’ll continue growing so someday I’ll be more than a chapter and an ending in someone’s life.

Goodbye to you, my chapter!

Posted at 2:41 AM

The Late-Night Post: Entry 10

Gee, this must be The Morning Post instead of The Late-Night Post.

It is torture seeing someone you like likes another.
The horror of what I experienced back then was so bad I wish not to experience it again.
How I wish I never feel that way again.
All I wanted is to be happy.

So I decided, I’d help you. I want you to be happy because you deserve it. But, God, it is heartbreaking.

It is not me. But thank you anyway for making me human again.

Farewell in 7 months!

Posted at 5:40 AM. Have a meeting at 2:00 PM. Good Lord.

Shorts: Entry 13 – Signs

I am not into superstition.

However, lately, I found myself relying on it due to unanswered questions I am dying to know.

I am asking different questions yet same meanings almost every night.

“Should I keep liking you?”

“Should I wait for you?”

“Are you worth the wait?”

The signs are telling me yes. Now it is up to you to make it true.

A Reviewee’s Diary: Entry 2 – Everyone’s Top Spot

On my previous post, I declared I’d work as twice as hard.

Judging by my evaluation exams, it seems that I have to work three times as hard.

I am aiming to be a topnotcher so it is logical if I thought getting a passing mark on an evaluation exam is a boo-boo.

I know I am the least candidate in every reviewee’s mind to be their top one. I will never be. I never heard from any of them that they want me to be it. I have to show them a “commoner” like me can so it will engrave on their minds that they can too. With a huge effort and dedication, they can. We can.

The top spot is not just for those who earned latin honors and quizzers only. It is for anyone who is dedicated, ready to sacrifice most of his waking time studying and learning from everyone.

I know the road is a very tough one. But, hey, I am enjoying the journey anyway. Less than a hundred days to go and we will be engineers. A hundred days’re nothing if it were worth the sacrifice.

I study all my might because I do not want regrets anymore. I hope and believe it will be the same for everyone.

A Reviewee’s Diary: Entry 1 – First Mega-Evaluation Exam

Last Wednesday, we had our first ever evaluation exam that comprised of algebra and trigonometry.

Before that, we had a make-up class in vectors from 12-2 with my favorite instructor, Sir Julius. I sure had fun. Then break for 30 minutes. From 2:30-6:30 was engineering economy. Sabaw.

It exhausted our brains.

We ate for 30 minutes then 6:30 PM marked our eval exam.

I knew myself that I was not well-equipped.

The first thing I thought after seeing the test papers was, “Oh, my God,” in the tune of Blank Space.

Thirty minutes had passed I only answered 10 items out of 50. God, it was hard!

Overall, I answered half of it and when the proctor announced to pass the papers, SHOTGUN! I shaded the answer sheet mindlessly.

Then my friend and I laughed because we felt the same and regretted not reviewing well. I was so lax. Too lazy to reach my goal.

I reviewed the module that was given to us. I did not finish trigonometry. I did not even reach the angle-of-elevation part.

The good thing was it inspired us to study NOW and have fun LATER.