Evolution of Man

As I mentioned before, I am not a big fan of Sir Charles Darwin, but of science. It just happened that “Evolution of Man” concept suits as the title of this page. The entries under here are not related to science, though. I won’t give you pain in the ass. Haha! It chronicles my life and my friends. They are classified as NGT, DH, Honesty (my section in fourth year) and Tropang Permed. By the time you read some of the entries here, you might figure out why Evolution of Man is the title.

(Note: A little secret of mine, look at the image posted above. The first stage is Karen. Haha! And I am the last stage. If this is based on the food web, the decomposition stage is Banitz. Haha! Peace! >:)))

Head on! Just click the title of what you wanna read (for starters:)).

Honesty is the Best yet the Worst
Tropang Permed


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